I get bored quickly even though I do a lot of different things. How can I stay engaged?

Many different things to do are no guarantee on flow or funto use good New German words.

Interest or enthusiasm for something often develops slowly.To put it somewhat biblically, for he who has will be given to him, and he will have the fullness, but he who does not, will also be taken away from what he has.Matthew 13.12 or Matthew 25:29.

The so-called Matthew effect denotes the principle that one builds its current successes on previous successes.

In-depth expertise is therefore based on previous acquired knowledge.Craftsmanship builds on basic skills that have been practiced a thousand times before. Skill to something takes a long way to train, make mistakes, start again from the beginning, not give up ….ahead. Networked knowledge develops even more worthwhile connecting points that one wants to pursue, etc.

I would therefore rather recommend that you focus on a few topics or fields of employment that interest you and that you allow yourself time for this consistent time.Start slowly, set yourself rather small feasible goals (even if it’s just an hour for it twice a week, for example), look forward to building on this ground or deepening it accordingly.

If you want to learn to play a musical instrument, it might be scales or children’s songs or simple chords first.If you want to write a novel, you might start with a short story or diary entries. Great craftsmen did not start with a complete interior design, but first learned to paint or paint a chair fresh or to build a coffee table.

Feel, allow questions or linger. If you “hang on” to the matter, that’s a good sign.Don’t sit yourself under stress with overly ambitious or purely prestigious content or competitive situations. Look a bit like an absolutist monarch, who here in his field decides completely alone how what happens when and how often and where. We often have to pay enough attention to the environment and the needs of others when it is different to other life issues. With hobbies and passions, we should be allowed to decide alone and without regard for others.

Of course, this does not mean that you have to do everything on your own.On the contrary, a far-sighted king invites people to his kingdom, who have good advice to seek, who can inspire you, or who can show and teach. In such an empire, knowledge flows back and forth, one appreciates one another and enjoys understanding.

Half-year portions for such a project are common time runs in which you can move to decide if and how your interest has evolved.In other words, whether you want to stick to it, because it drives you the desire or not.

Your themes or employment choiceshould already be within the areas where you feel comfortable.It doesn’t make much sense for you to be swayed by things you don’t like or that make you feel like you have two left hands or your brain is “almost the screw.” Again – it’s about your talents or needs – and not what others find great.

In case of doubt – start modestly and look forward to the small steps.You don’t have to be a genius or become a genius to grow committed and self-competent on a subject. The original personal joy counts, nothing else.

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