I forgot the passwords of my Facebook and email address. What can I do to log in to Facebook again?

For me this sounds suspicious and more like “I want to take someone’s Facebook login”.How can you forget your Facebook and email passwords today with so many password programs (online and offline)?

In addition, most people use the password manager in their browser, but yes, if you want to take over someone’s Facebook account you probably also have no access to their PC/Browser…

You can try some things:

If you have an alternate email address or phone number associated with your account, you can find it here: facebook.com/login/identify.Use this link on a device that has been logged in to Facebook in the past. Follow the steps here. If you are logged in you can then reset your password here How do I change or reset my Facebook password?.

Alternative 1:

Go to your email provider and try changing your email password.If this succeeds, you can then change your Facebook password in Facebook with the link above.

Alternative 2:

Trusted accounts that you’ve assigned to your Facebook page can help you get your account back.This article describes how that works.

Success with it!


If you have entered a phone number with your email address, you can choose the option: Forgot password?Click.Follow the steps that are there. If it is good then you will get an SMS (if you have entered your phone number) with an access code for logging in. Once you are logged in you will get the Change Password option or you have to manually go to the settings to have your password changed.


Once you’ve done this, go to the Facebook home page and click the Forgot password option?You will be given the option to enter your email address or phone number as verification.Use the email address or phone number you used to created Facebook. Check your Inbox or SMS messages for the access code to log in again. If it is not clear, please send me a message or leave a comment below. Good luck! 🙂

Make sure you get access to your email address first, then you indicate that you can no longer log in to FB. You get access to your email by replying to the secret question, or have you forgotten it too?By the way, most of them are both logged in to their PC and on their mobile phone, so you have access to your mail and/or FB from there and you can change your password there while you are still logged in there, or are you now accidentally logged in to both of them as well?

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