I find it hard to be thankful because I don’t find it very difficult to imagine a reality that is much better. (I often imagine this.) What should I do?

You say without much effort to be able to imagine a reality that is (yet) much better than your current one.And that would be an exponent of the fact that you are not sufficiently grateful. I suppose your reasoning goes like this: if I can imagine without difficulty that things can be much better, why would I be grateful for what I have now, while it is all very ordinary and limited? In other words, what should I be grateful for?

However, in order to discover the relevance of gratitude, you should not look up at all, but down.It’s about discovering the value of what you DO have, that is precisely why. You will find this on the track by you to imagine what it would be like if certain things were no longer there. As, depending on the circumstances, you eat that every day is on the table, the money you have (though) to spend, etc. Here you will soon come true to people. Someone is doing the laundry for you, someone picks you up, someone listens to you, someone is ready (example par excellence: mothers). Conclusion: Nothing is evident, nothing has to be evident, and certainly people do not.

Things suddenly get a different perspective when they are effectively eliminated (e.g.You’re older). At that moment you say, I had but, if I had known that 鈧?娄 those are the things you can and should be thankful for. And that goes very far.

Even a normal working brain is something to be thankful for, if you think about it.There are people who, after a brain injury, suddenly no longer recognise their partner or can no longer take simple decisions (to name something).

You can apply this exercise to a lot of things, if you just stand still.Just remember that nothing is obvious or it does have to be. Everything goes well, you are in good health, you have to eat every day,.. There is always a lot to be thankful for. It’s about finding out where you have a relationship and what really VALUE. In short, gratitude is appropriate and it makes your life fuller and more meaningful.

It’s not entirely clear to me what you mean.It sounds to me like you are not satisfied because there is still so much to do. That is not a wrong setting, although you will find little rest in that way.

Being thankful to me is more looking at what I could have also had (in the ngeative sense) I also had no house over my head could have, or nothing to eat.But I do and I am grateful for that, and of course it can be even better and I will certainly continue to work/fight for that.

Better can always, but it is not wrong to dwell on what you have already achieved.That is also what one calls thankful. You can also be ‘ socially ‘ grateful to the people around you. So it is quite a diverse notion and it is not defined what one sees as ‘ thankful ‘.

You could try to see it more positively.You have already come a whole lot and you see enough what is left to do. See it as a menu card. You can also appreciate it if only 1 of your favourite dishes is on. If your 2nd favourite dish is on it, then that is even better. The third get
Is your challenge:)

You can be thankful for your imagination.

Because you can imagine a better reality, you can also give direction to your own actions.

Thanks for your question, although I can imagine a better question.I trust you can ask for a better answer. Also thanx then.

I suspect that everyone will ever get into such a situation, even when you have gotten older.It could have been different… and better. You are “but” a human being, and everything in you is limited: Your life span, your experience, the chances you have gotten or that you have managed to find or make… and you dreamed of so much more or better.

I’ll take an example: When I was a young adult I rented a flat in a building where the Council was keen to walk with her dog.A half hour walk and play with that beast that was her joy of the day. I then thought-in common of me! -‘ What a stupident. That man clearly has no ambition! Wouldn’t you do anything else than mess up your free time with a dog? You could learn a language, or read something, or study at home for a diploma -doing something PRODUCTIVE. But yes, a pitiful man for a pathetic job. What did you think? ‘

But yes, I was young, ambitious and driven.Holiday was for loosers and lunch was for wimps. No, so bad it wasn’t LOL! But I was still in that direction, yes.

I advise you-if I may recommend something-to taste the life.Even-and especially! -the things you never paid attention to-because that was for later!Also literally tasting: do you like a good dinner? Lunch is no longer for wimps, for what I’m concerned though! Do you like cooking? No, don’t warm up anything, but select ingredients in the store or on the market, cook with time for it. Serve on a nice table. And then: Tasting! Do you Drink a glass of wine? I don’t know much about it, but you can learn a lot, in wines. It can be a pleasure that is shared, and thus multiplied. You can read around there, and travel, you can even cook with it. Those are only 2 things, but there are thousands.

Instead of worrying: taste and enjoy!And, no, you don’t have to be a millionaire for that.

Keep Dreaming.Buy a scratch lock or something.

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