I do not read much and that is a problem so I have decided that I should read and expand my knowledge. Which books should I read to improve my overall development and reach my goal?

In order to expand your general knowledge, you do not necessarily have to read books from A to Z.Often they treat a limited subject in great detail. Articles in serious journals are often more useful for your purpose.
Look up terms in the best suitable sources: (Why not: concise) encyclopedias or prisms ‘ foreign words ‘ dictionary belong to this.
Internet has dramatically altered our lookup behaviour.However, do not lose sight of the fact that the quality of online resources is not always constant.

Already at a very young age I started to expand my general knowledge.As an 11-year-old, I read an old version of the Prism book mentioned completely.
I followed the Latin section and did not see any bones in myself that same year to learn Italian.The grammar seemed easier to me than the Latin and further it seemed strong on French. Like before, I read the dictionary out. I spent a month of summer vacation in Italy and roughly understood what I was hearing. I also managed to make myself understandable. I do not recommend you to imitate my then method when learning a language. Incidentally, she was based on a remark by my father, who claimed that Japanese learned English by learning a dictionary from the head.

The best tip I can give you is to stimulate your curiosity.However, I do not know how to do that. I may have been born with it. Read in the newspaper an article that you would not normally read and do the necessary to understand the content. Listen to a short interview with a politician and look for the words you don’t know. Often you will soon find out that the message is very weiningly, but that the jargon used only serves to conceal their chapped message.

Often you don’t have to know a lot and you just need to know where you can find it.It is also not forbidden to ask someone (a teacher, any speaker) for the meaning of a word, sentence or allegation. You will be amazed how often they will want to send you a job in the reed or actually don’t know it very well.

Your progress will be determined mainly by the way you stand in the world.Listen carefully, ask questions, search, write down. Don’t take everything just like that. You will be amazed, when you focus your ears, how often people contradict themselves.

Don’t fall into the trap of commenting on everything or becoming a freer.No matter how much you know about a subject, you are not constantly improving your interlocutor. And, remember that it is not always appropriate to tell your story to perfection or to the end. Maintain the talent of chatting and laughing at regular

You don’t always have to read entire books to expand your knowledge.

Reading a full book requires a lot of time.

And often the essence of a book can be summarized in five pages.

There is also a service that does just that: summarizing the essence of books on all sorts of topics (trends, economics, politics, management, psychology, leadership, self-development,…).That’s what getAbstract does.

In addition, they already make a selection of the elected books.

Subscribe to Getabstract: In this library you’ll find more than 15,000 summaries of non-fiction books.Take a look and try it out for free with some book summaries.I read about 5 summaries per week, and so I have the content and insights of more than 250 books per year!

I would start with

  • An oral course logic
  • A (do also but oral) course goal/means hierarchy.
  • Then formulateyour true goals.
  • And then for the joke your question read it again.

I would start to go listen to good speakers.Talk to a good teacher. But also speak and listen a lot about paradoxes. Contradictions.

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