I am very creative in terms of drawing and writing (stories, columns, poems, etc.). I now finally want to make a switch and start earning my money with what I really like to do! What are my options or possibilities?

It is about how you want to earn money

Jis Ka already gives a fantastic answer so about Etsy I add nothing more.

You could bundle your stories and be able to spend, blogging/vlogging.Connect to platforms like Medium.com can too.You could try to build a fanbase and generate awareness through social media and the Patreon platform. Via Discord You can keep in touch with your fanbase.

You can also act as a multimedia creative.By as writer/illustrator [or graphic designer/animator etc. Get started and use your creativity.

There are many options, question is only:

What do you feel good about?

Where do you get energy from and you are intrinsically motivated.From there you can look what suits you (artist to UX-specialist/writer to journalist/)

It is very difficult to make good money with drawing and writing.You have to have creative talents but certainly also marketing talents to sell yourself and remain in the spotlight. You don’t earn money with drawing or writing in a quiet room at your desk. You have to go outside and networks, make sure your name is in as many drawers and address books as possible. Go to fairs, send your texts to newspapers and publishers, make lists with reviewers and follow what they write about, know the current themes. You also have to remain very realistic with what you can achieve with creative work. There are very few writers, poets and draughtsmen who can only live their creative work. The income of a writer or draughtsman is often no more than the price of a can of cola per sold book. You are doing well if you can earn a thirteenth or fourteenth monthly wage per year.And that’s nice, but not something to pay off your house with.

For your drawings: Etsy.

I started selling homemade goodies and paintings on Etsy (Shop for handmade, vintage, custom, and unique gifts for everyone).Through the contacts on Etsy, I have stood for a while on things like Dutch Comic-Con, Japan Convention, Fantasy Fair and eventually even at LowLands.

I have had to quit, but I really recommend that you offer your aesthetic talents through Etsy, because Etsy already has a customer base that is looking for something unique and also wants to spend money on it.You can build your own webshop, which costs a huge amount of money and then get enough visitors to your shop.

There is also a lively sellers community that is very helpful, giving you tips, and where you can end up on fairs and markets together.

In terms of writing seems to me starting with a blog a first step.You have the website Wattpad-where stories live where you can publish content for free or for a fee.

Create fun illustrations with your stories, maybe you can bundle them and sell them as a book.

You can also publish books on Amazon.

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