I am an intelligent person and I have no hope in life because I think this life is not designed for me. What can I do?

Is it not the loneliness or a mental condition that you eat?Being Intelligent is often very unpleasant in this difficult society where you will especially see the solutions to many problems but have no power to change anything. It’s not weird that as the years go by, despair can grab you at the throat and sneak depression or other mental complaints. Furthermore, the lack of equal contacts can further increase loneliness even further. Then it’s important to just look for people of equal level to find your social fix.

I had up to four years back the diagnosis weakly gifted by autism and it could not verbally uitten.From an official IQ test I proved to be highly gifted. I, with my giftedness, was assuming for the first 27 years of my life myself that I was really too stupid because I couldn’t communicate. The PTSS is now in the head by the realisation of all those ruined possibilities and it is rightly terribly underestimated. And because I’m still communicative under average, I’m still often enough to be stupid, so yes I camp with depressive complaints and whether life is worth the pain.
Don’t mind the comments you take on “If you’re really that intelligent,” that doesn’t apply and you can’t have doubts when I read.Being Intelligent often comes with pain if you are not in the right living environment/social situation wrong. This is very often underestimated, or perceived as an “arrogant attack on what would be stupid people”. But intelligent people have the same right and need for equal contacts and living conditions. If you don’t like it, seek help to discover what you need in life.

You are right “life” is not designed for you, you owe nothing.Is not ready to adapt to you. Let that hope sail.

You are your life in some way.You are intelligent, use it and make your life.Your life, something incredibly interesting just to receive, with which you have the freedom to use, to fill, according to your understanding.

Specific feelings have a limited life span.Tomorrow you may see it differently.

I believe Einstein something like this she: “Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it’ll spend its whole life thinking it’s stupid.” There’s something you’re brilliant at and there’s something your life is designed for.For me, it is a fact that you are depressed. That is that there is something chemically going wrong in your brain. Happens a lot and there you can get help for it.

Please say, can anyone not even ask a question on this site anymore?The questioner/couple clearly means that he/she and others like him/her cannot enjoy life like others, and just want advice to feel at home between the rest of the world. I do not see how you cannot see the tone behind this question and assume that questioner/the couple is spoiled.

To answer the question, where do you enjoy?Surely there will be a few things that can entertain you? Otherwise, look for those things.

Maybe you don’t like what you do stupid, but rather just the fact that you’ve been hit in a rut.Time for a change? A new step?

To help you further, I would still need more information.The question is eg vague and I had honestly never answered it honestly if I did not have anything to say to the other replies.

Intelligent people are usually more easily affected by depression and doemthinking.

It is a difficult but necessary step to look for those things that you have to accept and those things that you can change.You are best guided by a good psychologist.

Talk to other people who have gone and ask who helped them with this.

Sense of purpose is a huge challenge for intelligent people.It can, it is fulfilling, but it is an effort and a quest for very individual.

Often you know what was really worthwhile and what was not.

For me, it was a combination of things I actually rolled into before by accident.

A combination of family and charities and some weird hobbies.

I am now happy, according to my own standards anyway.

Good luck!

In every stage of life I have had to develop another part of myself.That is what change is asking for.

Sometimes that change is something you have deployed yourself, sometimes others have taken decisions that you suffer from and sometimes it is the time spirit that asks for something else.

I do not know you and your situation, but perhaps you can design your life so that it suits you.And the other way around can also be: You can have a time with other thinker and even small-minded ones, but sometimes you have to break that and take the handlebars yourself.

This is the feasibility of existence.

By constantly thinking, you have grown the realization that life is not designed for you and so there is no hope. Let me say that you have ended up in the existential void.What now? Really adhere to your conclusions (because logically true and valid) and then???

Look at it like this: evolution has created a human species.This strain has been developed in such a way that, among other things, it can be considered as such, to the course of life, ‘ life ‘ and ‘ My life ‘. This intellectual faculty can even consider itself, thinking.

Located in life, individuals are now working.The one does sister and the other so. The one thinks sister and the other so. One thinks he knows it, but don’t know. The other knows, but let himself be overcast. One thinks too little, the other too much. One hardly thinks after (reckless = attractive!), the other thinks itself and is swallowed up by the existential space..

As far as thinking until you are metaphysical and flirting with nihilism, you saddle yourself with the gloomy conclusions.Do you remember how you actually landed here? The hole that you would fail by possibly disappearing will in any case be generously filled by those who do not have that much to grind, they will not grind to you. You will be right, and they will be successful in life. You can look at an inviting landscape and still not move (because you are blocking internally). You can also look at it and just step forward (because that’s a natural urge). The outward situation is just the same, only the perception determines whether the person moves forward or just stays on the spot.

So let loose this train quickly and turn off new lines.If you have the habit of thinking a lot, you will continue to do so-you have to use that power of mind from now on. Deepen yourself either, but in moderation, in existential philosophy (although you will find concrete answers there) or in whatever is an applied character (from cooking to clogs, manuals,..) It is thereby and therein that you are going to act. Do something and remember that you could just as well have been a humble worm without any reflexive realization. Be Thankful for life (which will ever end anyway) and make something of it.

Find something you like and blink in there.You better be a good plumber than a bad teacher. Rome is not built in one day. Put small steps, but at least put a step.

Imagine we agreed to train together in football (or call another sport).You can do two things now: whether you stay at home and pedal for 0% against the ball. Or you’re going and trapping for 50%? 20%? 80%? Against the ball. The percentage does not matter, at least it is higher than 0%, which you had received if you had stayed at home.

Suppose you showed up last week and you achieved a score of 50%.This week we agreed again and get a score of 51%? 60%? Or maybe even less: 40%?

In principle, the percentage does not matter much.The point is that you have been there so you can see how you can improve yourself. This allows you to formulate short and long term goals for yourself.

Another tip: Buy a notepad and paper and write down all your feelings.Organize the thoughts you have so that you can lay links so that you can let things loose. Try to live in the now, learn from the past and look forward to the future.

Try to realise that life is in extremely positive and extremely negative spirals (and everything in between).Imagine: You win the Lotto, as a result you can buy (almost) everything you would like to have. You buy something and you feel good and happy. Because you feel good and happy, you radiate your confidence so that you can also meet the woman of your dreams by mistake. Because you meet the woman of your dreams, new positive things open again. The same also applies to the negative side. Imagine: You are depressed at home. Because you are depressed at home, you have no power to go along with your friends/family. By neglecting them, they neglect you (why still invite if you never come?), because you lose friends and family you are less comfortable in your skin. Because you are less comfortable in your skin, you do not perform at work and you will be dismissed. Do you get the point I want to make? Try to stay patient, your time is still coming. Much strength desired.

Do you know when I look at who I am and how my own life has gone I think this too often but I also have an inner voice that gives me this answer:

Oh certainly not, life has never been really honestly designed or honestly designed.Some people just have the right genes, the right behaviors and personality or were seated in the right conditions/had a fine group they pulled up with. Or they were better able to concentrate for a long time because they were in better conditions or just had more discipline or courage there are so many factors that affect the facilitation of one’s success, happiness or cognitive Potential, but life happens to you more than you think I usually say in my mind that man is a stimulus managemnet creature is more than an intelligent creature that is really able to make self choices and think but this is going to be very very deep.

Life has not been designed for any person and will never be.It is a bit of a competitive race and everyone is doing their best to develop as best as possible but some things that happen to you and things you are born with or circumstances that befall you that are happening and there you have no freedom of choice In.

What if you look at life in terms of feeling rather than by an intellectual spectacle, so instead of constantly thinking about the fact that you should have been a quantum scientist, for example, you put your priorities in simple things like Little things that make you happy.It can be something very simple such as a nice man or a beautiful woman or a nice ice cream on a hot Sunday afternoon, or a interesting blog or a nice book, a nice song on the radio or on a YouTube playlist, nice colleague or a nice holiday destination. This really sounds like I mean something negative that you’re hiring but I mean it’s positive. And it probably also comes across as old fashioned and standard sawn advice but small things and humility by focusing you in the moment in the now.

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