I am an ethnic Dutchman, why am I still 5% African according to my DNA test?

It could be that an ancestor of you, a few centuries ago, has lived and worked a time in our West Indian colony.Maybe he got a child with one of his slaves. Maybe he left her behind when he went back to Holland, but took his Mulatto son back with him. Such a boy would probably look like John Jones, the son of Adele Bloemendaal and Donald Jones. So for the 17th century it was special, but again not so crazy.

Maybe this ‘ John Jones look-A-like ‘ then just got children with a Dutch woman who then again, got lighter, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.Until you were born, with a white skin but still a little bit of African genes.

Or maybe there was a retarded Spanish soldier, stayed in the Netherlands with his Dutch female, after the 80 years Of war between your ancestors.

Spaniards are Europeans, but because some 1000 years have prevailed Muslims over southern Spain, most Spaniards do have some Moors/North African blood.

Many Dutch people do have unexpected, exotic origins.Take the oer Hollandse Volendammers. These tribes almost all descend from Portuguese Jews. Hence Jantje Smit are dark curls probably..

Who will say it.Eventually we are all family..

My parents, grandparents and great grandparents are Dutch.My DNA test was different. 84.8% English, 5% Northwest European, 6.7% Balkan and 3.5% Greek???

The DNA of my sister was different, also English but also Scandinavian and 48% Northwest Europe and 1.2% Turkish???(Same parents)

I do not know anyone in my family (that means 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents and 16 enchanted grandparents (although the 16 grand grandparents become vague) etc who had connections with England.But it’s about DNA and perhaps Napoleon’s war in Waterloo against Englishmen and a portion of my family lived in Belgium. An affair with an English soldier with an enchanted grandmother?

DNA can be different per child because they differ per egg cell and sperm.It’s about generations, so somewhere there’s a Greek in my ancestors! Maybe 1000 years ago. Too bad I don’t know my parents ‘ DNA because then it might be clearer where the English DNA comes from. But within a family there are big differences with the color of hair and eyes.

Because that test is fun (I’m gonna do it too) but has some great limitations.

The division into regions is rather arbitrary and Grofmazig.At MyHeritage Loop Western Europe from northern Germany to Barcelona. In Eastern Turkey is not differentiated between Turks, Armenen, Kurds and Laz (kind Georgiers).

Many Dutch people have a high percentage of English DNA.Thank you the cuckoo… It is reversed. Many Englishmen have Friesian and Saxon DNA, because the Anglo-Saxon population component originated in Angelen (Danes), Saxony and Frisians, among others from our regions.

Dutchmen are not homogeneous white people/Germanen.For centuries, mixing has been taking place with other peoples. Think of the Roman Empire, think of the golden Age etc. All periods in which a lot of interaction with outside world Plaatsvondz

Very simple; That’s probably not you.

Yes, there is a chance that someone in your family was African, but that doesn’t have to be.DNA tests are very misleading.

A DNA test looks at a small part of your DNA, especially the genes that determine your appearance.When one does such a test, they sometimes get strange results.

This may be: 80% Dutch/north-West Europe, 13% Turkish/Anatolian, 7% Other, despite the fact that in the family tree of the families, only Dutch are known.

People then get the impression that there might be people of Anatolian descent in their family, but it could also be that they were just Dutch with genes that are quite rare in that region.Genes are not classified black/white. For example, not everyone in the Middle East has a somewhat dark skin and brown hair. The same applies to the Netherlands in terms of white skin and blond hair.

This is also not strange, because one has from the old time already had the tendency to interfere, given that it was mostly propagated just to make sure that one had children.It just didn’t look at ‘ genes ‘, partly because that concept just didn’t exist for them. For example, our ancestors blended with the Neanderthals, which helped us to come up with new genes.

In the last few thousand years, many people (and thus genes) have migrated.For instance, in the Middle East in places like Yemen, there are many mixed genes from places like Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti and neighboring countries on the other side of the Red Sea, there are also tribes with blond hair and blue eyes in India, so-called Arians (yes, there Partly referred to that one Austrian), and in the Western world there are many people with genes coming from the Far East or Africa, despite the fact that the family tree of those individuals in the last few centuries actually consisted only of people who Came from afar.

They then happened to have a gene that was in the family for a few hundred or a thousand years.

In short, DNA testing hardly shows the origin you have for the elderly, they simply mention which genes you have in a small part of your DNA, or they may lead to medical problems, and unfortunately they also mention where these genes are common. , without saying that you might as well have no one in your family that comes from there.

According to my Nederlanse Geschienislessen the Netherlands was once Spanish possession.There were Spanish Miltairen in the Netherlands. Spain itself has been occupied by North African soldiers for centuries. And yes of it one can come the other. Of many of the South African racists, the blood seems to have not been completely blank. From the USA president Jefferson there are stories that he has gone a lot of the buttock with black slaves.

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