I am 20 years old and am just engaged. What advice would you like me to give?

Everyone who has a relationship knows this: love is a verb.

There are of course also factors outside of yourself that affect your relationship, but you are primarily responsible for how you behave towards the other.

So it can be instructive to dwell on the 10 ways to destroy even the happiest relationship.

  1. Find your partner for granted

Married couples have promised to keep their entire lives apart and take care of each other.While this does not always succeed, they are always convinced of their commitment and their love for each other at the beginning of their relationship. But a happy relationship can easily be digested, especially when you start to see your partner as a matter of course and appreciate the qualities and peculiarities you have fallen into at the time. To keep a relationship happy, it is important to keep expressing your love and appreciation, no matter how long you are together.

2.Not understand each other’s expectations of life

Many relationship problems are linked to a lack of communication.This also applies to not understanding your partner’s expectations. Each individual has their own goals in life, and while one is completely focused on family and family, the other wants to make a career. In a modern family, both can find a place. It is especially important that each one understands the needs of the other, and that both work together to find a balance in which everyone can feel.

3.Negative emotions piling up

Relationships are not always easy, and even real soulmates can know turbulent periods, with conflicts or even infidelity.The power of love can solve many problems, but it is crucial not to pile up negative emotions. Holding negative emotions can lead to feelings of dislike, jealousy or paranoia. When you find yourself stuck in these feelings after a relationship break, it is important to talk about this and make sure that these blockages are cleared, before you go on with your life.


Too much criticism on your partner

We all have our standards and rules in life, and in an ideal world we find a partner who thinks about everything exactly the same.Of course, this does not succeed, so it is sometimes necessary to compromise to make our relationship work. In that case, it is important to be careful not to be too critical for your partner, when it has a lower standard than yourself. Differences in a relationship are there to be embraced, not to be kibble.

5.Sliding your own interests aside

It can be fun to share the same hobby s and interests, and thus strengthen your band, but it is equally important to pursue your own interests.This way you maintain your own identity through your relationship, and you care for conversation dust after a long day. Dropping your own interests can cause you to become frustrated and demotivated in everyday life.

6.Neglecting your appearance

This may seem superficial, but the extent to which you are providing your appearance tells something about your values and your attitude towards your relationship.Those who neglect themselves, are missing the drive to develop themselves, and at the same time show that they do not want to bother to look attractive to their partner. This can slowly affect the fundamentals of your relationship, especially if your partner does a lot of effort to stay fit and attractive.

7.Putting yourself and your own needs first

All successful relationships are based on collaboration and compromise.As an individual, you take into account the needs and needs of your partner, and set them up for your own needs. When you always put your own needs first, you are less likely to maintain a happy relationship. Your partner will get it to the second place while his feelings are not taken into account.

8.Avoiding Open and honest communication to preserve peace

Honesty can save and preserve a relationship, but it can also be a source of conflict and throw a relationship completely over.Yet it is important to dare to communicate open and honest to address relationship problems. You dare to appoint and solve difficult things, also shows your willingness to make the relationship work. When your conflict is out of the way for the sweet peace, unresolved things can continue to ferment and eventually ruin your relationship.

9.Not succeed in creating a good work-private balance

For most people it is necessary to work to get bread on the shelf.It is of course a good thing to take care of your family financially. And you can expect your partner to show understanding when your job asks you to work during the weekend, or at irregular hours. But your partner can also get frustrated when your work schedule starts to weigh on your relationship. When you work so much that you’re barely at home, it’s hard to take care of your relationship too. So strive for a good balance between work and private life, so you can also spend enough time with those you dear.

10.Refuse to say sorry even when you are wrong

Even the most loving relationship cannot survive without mutual respect.There are many ways to show respect to the other, but one of the most obvious is the willingness to apologise and show regret when you go wrong. That proves your level of maturity and integrity, because you are willing to accept that you have made a mistake that has hurt your partner. If you can never say 鈧?虄sorry , this short-sighted and stubborn attitude might be your best to cost your relationship.

I wish you an awful lot of success in your relationship!

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