How would you react if your teacher would suddenly try to help you while making an exam?

I walked in the 4th grade of high School one day abruptly at the dean’s inside and demanded a change in my boxes package.

Geography that was taught by a flapdrol who was just himself from school,

I wished to exchange for history.

The profession was taught by a lecturer who had previously had me in his class.

He was a master storyteller, was fond of his profession, and had once indicated in a personal conversation with my parents that he saw it all in me.

Enough for me to report me a few days later in his class.

And so to pass…

At the end of the week there was a written overhoring, but there “I didn’t have to worry about it”.

However, I started studying, but that was indeed unnecessary…

He placed me in front of the classroom, right next to his own desk,

And after starting the examination, shoved a petal on his desk somewhat on my side.

Very friendly.

That leaf contained all the answers to the questions asked.

I was full of disbelief, but made grateful use of it.

As a consideration, I was used by him a few days later as a textbook for all the children of the class.

“But 1 day have to study and then pick a 10 for an overhoring, take an example to Sebastian”

I was grateful to him for this flying start,

But the best man did lose part of the respect I had for him at the same time.

But well,

That’s history.

I had a geography teacher who was a kind of big brombear with a gray beard.

Our school participated (around 1989) with an experiment in which we had an oral for geography.The intention was that you would make a piece of work and explain that during oral.

I’m corrupt, you can buy me” The teacher once told me.When a girl in the classroom noticed that being able to bribe a teacher was unfair, the teacher gave the answer that “the real world is full of people you can bribe and that life is not fair“.

And I remembered that.

The problem I had to make for my oral I had made over the sun.It was a lot of work, but I was proud of the result.

The day of my oral exam came.I had taken a bottle of wine for the teacher who was self-proclaimed corrupt.

During the oral the teacher flied briefly through my work piece, but his also quickly fell on the bottle of wine.

What does this gift make with your work piece?” He grummy.

Well, this bottle of wine is made from grapes that have matured in the French sun.And my problem is about the sun. “

I see that you have a lot of understanding of this subject.You get an 8. “

And that was my verbal geography.

My mother did it as a professor.If she knew that this student has always learned well and now has made a very stupid (messy) mistake.

When I was 17, there was a teacher who was willing to help me.

It took a moment until I understood that I was wearing him better closed.With that change, the aid quickly decreased.

I would accept all help.

No matter how you get there, if you get there.

In Such a case, the exam threatens to be declared invalid.

This allows you to designate the teacher and make him responsible for all personal damage. Are you still no 18 should be real your parents who damage legally on the teacher resp. School stories, which is a long way. So it is very annoying when a teacher assists in the exam.

I would probably not go through what that teacher is doing (too concentrated, with earplugs in, chewing gum in my mouth and a cup of coffee), and then ask me if he/she has become totally mad.Even if you are not caught, you end up with your pupils. If the teacher specifically would help me I would feel tremendously uncomfortable and, depending on the teacher, half-handed or for stupid and pathetic worn. I am therefore glad that I have all been honest and neat. Even though I had a final grade 8 instead of 6 and had that made for my study choice, I still felt guilty because it’s just cheating. A little bit for bacon and beans. I can only do that.

Luckily I never needed that as a student.I would be perplexed first, and then generated. Would reject it.

I would kindly point out to the lecturer that I do not need any help.

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