How would you react if you discovered that we are being observed by advanced beings as a scientific experiment to discover what belief systems lead to better people and society?

I then discovered that these creatures are not so advanced.Why? Because they want to answer a question that actually has a well-known answer: belief systems do not lead to better people and society.

For fun, type ‘ effect religion on society ‘ in Google and you’ll find a range of critical articles.With the following or similar conclusions:

  • There is no demonstrable evidence that people become ‘ better people ‘ by religion.
  • The prisons are populated by at least as many ‘ believers ‘, percentually, as non-believers.
  • Any society where religion is the overtone knows a (much) lower prosperity, poor to idiotic treatment of women, no personal freedom, no realization that homosexuality is a normal phenomenon, verkettering of those who do not To adhere to, bizarre rituals such as circumcision, men as ‘ parent ‘, Kul as Creationism and flat Earth.

A really bizarre list.

  • Worse, if you do not believe anything, then you are worse than criminals and pigs (sorry pigs, there is nothing wrong with you.
  • With religion, however).

    So I would introduce those creatures to our science and mathematics.Hoping that they could tell me some things about their approach to ‘ knowing and knowing ‘. And of course whether they also know things like religion.

    Together, we might be able to think about how we can help the world out as soon as possible.


    Ask Me when the “dark forest” clause is going to work.Google but and the essence is that we often assume that other beings are more advanced than we have and also have only good intentions. There the less advanced party usually comes out badly. In fact, I think they do not exist in the sense of organisms like us on the earth.

    Forty years ago or so I read a Science Fiction story me this starting point.At the end of the story, man discovers that everything is now over: the experiment failed.

    Every time it seemed that people would eradicate themselves by one or another, the “pupils” seized. At the end, the teacher said that they had intervened too often and the experiment had broken the rules.

    WOULD this ever be the case, there are a number of conclusions possible:

    1. Those who constantly reject the existence of an external power (orphans) stand to look crazy
    2. Those who always defended this will get it right-and stand crazy to watch

    I would realise that they had sent Confucius and had already created the idea for the ideal society of community spirit and rituals and traditions.Little crime, a lot of prosperity, just good people. Top. This country is called South Korea. However, everyone is unhappy and has a high suicide rate.

    What is a better man and what is a better society?Curious to know which criteria the aliens use compared to us.

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