How would you find it if Trump was elected president in 2020 again?

A president of the USA has less influence in the longer term than Menino thinks.Many economic, geopolitical and cultural processes can hardly be adjusted by public policy. In addition, the American institutions of checks and balances are quite firmly rooted and cannot simply be broken down by one Trump.

Furthermore, Trump is a symptom rather than a cause of a decades-lasting process, namely the enormous polarisation in the US between two hostile cultures, both of which have no clear majority.Since Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon, two Americas have emerged that do not lie apart but are also not clearly geographically separated as before the civil War. Although the coastal States and cities are predominantly liberal and the middle are predominantly conservative there are over and over again large enclaves with dissenters. So conservative Texas tends to become ever more “blue”. This process of polarisation is also not by slowing down or strengthening government policy. It is an autonomous process that is likely to be reversed by the people themselves.

Although I would rather see someone else than Trump, it seems to me no catastrophe if he stays in the White House until January 2025.

Just as strange as in 2016.However, it is a very real possibility. Americans would be in an interesting situation. Now we tolerate them because we assume this is a temporary mistake. If the man is re-elected then it is clear how the US wants to stand in the world and we will have to draw our conclusions

It would not be my choice, but that is to the American people.Incidentally, I think the fact that a president should leave after a maximum of 8 years is a plus point of the American system.

I agree with others that the influence of a president is more limited if one thinks.(Oa also comes by that Max of 8 years).

Currently, Trump is being acclaimed because it is economically so good with the US. But the current economic prosperity has started in 2008/2009.Since then, there has only been growth. A record. But who was then elected president?

Otherwise, Trump is criticized for his immigration policy.But under Obama, thousands of illegals have also been expelled from the US.

Trump is not the first president with an anti-China policy.Levies on goods from China have previously occurred. In terms of technology, the US has always been suspicious of China. As early as 2013, Huawei and ZTE were tackled by the US. And it is for example NASA forbidden to cooperate with China. China is also excluded from the International Space Station.

So I personally would never vote for Trump, but in the longer term it doesn’t matter if he is re-elected or not.

What man has done, man can do again.

L’Histoire se r茅p猫te.

Well, history does not repeat itself, but as people we are making the same mistakes again and again.

Many people do not want to understand or acknowledge that a business is not attracting anything from anyone who happens to be in charge.If the economic good goes, then it goes with us-on average-better and we write that to the incumbent government, it goes economically badly, then that is also the fault of who happens to be.

Americans are much more polarized than we do, so with some distance to the political look there is still much more unusual than with us.

Italians chose Mafia boss Berlusconi time and time again, so why wouldn’t Americans opt for their own lying and cheating media type again?

In the words of the philosopher who died last year, Daniel Nicholas Robinson: ‘ If It’s a nation of fools, there’s not much point in letting 51 percent of them decide. ‘

Now the Americans are not ‘ nation of Fools ‘, because more than 51% of voters have not voted Trump, but who have not voted and regret it, they have not acted wisely, not even from their own interests and optics.

Chances are that he will be elected again.

First, he has proven to do what he promises, and big part of his promises has already been accomplished, and he does everything to make the wall come, something no one expected.He sees the people who suffer most from illegal immigration (ILLEGAL immigration, he has never had a problem with immigration).

Illegal immigration is destroying the south of the US, and that has nothing to do with racism.People who are illegal are not covered by the law, so they can sit under the minimum wage, allowing legal people to sit without a job. They do not pay taxes, but their children do go to school, and they do use the welfare state, which decreases the quality of these numbers. And there are more problems, why that wall just has to come.

Secondly, the Democrats are working hard to make ever more and more absurd ideas, which are driving many moderates in the Republicans ‘ camp.The party is so alienading its base from it that it seems a miracle if it still exists in ten years when they continue.

I am not going to make any statements about economics, many intelligent economists have said everything about it.It won’t end well, my guess is. And it is clear to me that Americans have almost religious beliefs about economics. If he does rattle the scholarships with some tweets and then takes back his threats, it is seen as statecraft. Normal politicians cannot compete with this, because they expect rational behaviour.

But the man has had a huge amount of deregued.And Americans find that fantastic. To people dying. In Europe, for example, it is impossible to do water discharges and cleansing on its American, and we should be happy about that. In Europe there is protection of the person, in America not.

He has dismantled a huge amount of federation and State institutions.Fantastic they find that. The libertine thought that a small state is good, is closely linked to the lack of protection of the person. Until something happens that was previously dealt with at the State or federation level.

He has made it a point to nullify all of Obama’s achievements.What is called the “little Pissies syndrome” in professional terms. Obama haters find that super. Every rational person poses a question of this type of irrational behaviour.

He is lying.Every politician is lying. But intelligent politicians know that they cannot just deny the truth, a good political lie is a masterpiece. Trump is lying about everything. In one minute he can contradict himself three times. His fans find that clever.

He is a racist, a sexsist and he flirts with fascism, which I say, he seizes fascism with the cat.

These are all reasons to vote against the man.

In America, however, almost everyone is voting for the wallet.Whoever promises the lowest taxes wins.

Can all be, but whoever votes a fascist, racist and sexsist twice in a row is a collaborator.

And this may be the new normal.Those opportunists can just feel better how the wind blows and are already on the good side of our new Mussolini’s.

However, I have a very specific opinion about this type of stemmer, which I will keep for me for the sake of BNBR.If you listen carefully, however, you hear me roar…

I consider it quite likely.It depends, of course, on who the other candidates would be, and with which government programme they would imagine…


Who am I to find something about this, and what makes my opinion.I am not an American citizen, so I cannot vote for it either. If the American people prefer him, this is the democratic decision of the USA.

I am sorry that I have to say something pro-Trump occasionally.Every presidential candidate needs millions of dollars from generous givers to be elected president. The idea that someone in a dominant position is honest, seems to me only in Disney movies a possibility. Democrat or Republican. Further in this answer I get here Milton Friedman, stay tuned!

Today in the WSJ:

(Source: Wall Street Journal, 12/06/2019)

Belgium has been a sample country in lobbies for years.

Every law is eroded by being admitted to every lobbying group that exists. Such as the tax declaration, where everything becomes increasingly complex. The probability for a person with an average IQ to fill the declaration correctly is less than 10%. DIJKWIJLS is at the disadvantage of the declarant because it is not familiar with all the benefits on which one is entitled. Deduction points are obtained by lobbying groups and make controls and declarations much too complicated. The administration complains that it has too much work and some civil servants are recruited. Simple is easy to control, difficult is the forest that one needs to hide some wrong trees.

The lobby has now become the buffer barrel in which these extremely neat people talk to Poltici to explain the importance of the company they are working for.They provide information about green technologies (green lobby) or fossil fuels (oil lobby). And they only give explanations, they do not buy politicians. No, that is not the intention. Strasbourg saw an explosion of lobbyists in recent years. That could explain the difference in approach why in the US Audi leaders disappeared behind bars and car owners compensated. In Europe None of this, it is about jobs, not all those old people who went to die who breathed some diesel vapours and fine dust.

In Antwerp We have such a lobby of many billions, which I do not mention by name.If one owns a billion here and there, you can approach someone and offer him an amount. The one who says no, though, can expect this in real and fabricated stories that are not very favorable.

Trump, to come back to the US and 2020, was in the real estate sector.There is no more cleaner sector than real estate. The men of honor in New York who do not laugh with people who do not pay their contributions. US presidents do not get much money during their duties. In retrospect, they may make private presentations to the friendly companies where 100,000 USD is not exceptional for one or two hours. Bill Clinton, Obama, Bush, they’re doing it all. Democrats and Republicans are one when it comes to money. Milton Friedman, economist, is often put in a box because one has heard some of him here and there. He was for deregulation but at the same time he made it clear that the top listed companies do not grow by their business but by buying themselves protection and exclusivity from the administration and the government.…

What one should not forget is the image of a politician is a marketing tool.Obama is a very sympathetic man. But he did not close Guantanamo. He has still made civilian casualties with drone attacks and other military operations. How can it be different? He is the boss of several organizations that operate secretly and do not need a 007 license. Do you think a president can say anything? Or should not lie? That is a very nastive way of thinking. Trump’s image is different from that of Obama. What I like about Trump is that all of Europe Trump desires and is sympathetic to Nazi Sympathien. Meanwhile, the French of Total run the door flat at the friendly men of Iran. The Germans give their particularly sympathetic friend in North Africa money to stop the influx of migrants, and we don’t need to know how. Or the Germans with the gas pipeline to the comrade of Trump (at least according to the media) in the Kremlin. And we’re selling critical infrastructure and high-tech to those sweet men from the east who welcome criticism with the great vanishing trick. Even if they spy on us and roll out our entire communications network, we prefer them a thousand times more than that dirty camp executioner in the US. I am only glad that Trump has let the “laisser faire” of his sympathetic predecessor sail. North Korea sanctions were suddenly applied, boom NK at the table. Turkey throws few thousand officials in the cell without trial, Trump is doing their economy collapse. The power of each dictator relies on money and a good economy. Iran? The Frenchmen their financing of all kinds of tereurgroups had to stop now, economics Iran flatten. China? If you are so happy to call Trump, then I will pay your ticket to Shangai to open and honestly call your opinion on the local leader of the roofs. I really don’t have to buy a return ticket. Can’t find that strange? The Ughur population in camps and the glorification of China in Europe and the verkettering of the USA while there are no camps for its own population (CNN, BBC, other EU media swore that it would be the case, the stock market would collapse, Trump would have Alzheimer’s , anger attacks and dangerously unstable, an agent of Russia and what still is). Nobody here in Europe who can explain from needle to thread who or what Fusion GPS is. Who is Steele. Who is Bruce Ohr. Who was Mueller for his mission and where Mueller is now going. Where Comey and Brennan now work and for whom. Do not worry that you do not own that information, it is very normal for the European media to remain silent.

Trump is a busted farmer, only out on personal gain, perhaps ego.But we can be thankful on our two knees that he is draining some problem countries before it is too late. Let us not forget that this large country shipped all sorts of products at dumped prices to Europe and thus eradicated a large proportion of the manufacturing industry. You really don’t want to fall into the hands of those sweps. I hate to defend people like Trump, a politician sells his mother as it should, so it’s not cool pears or cute grandmothers. But, at least, I have the decency to compare the practices in the east with those in the West.

And, if you ever want to get a finger out to learn more, then the following search terms are a must:

Burce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Fusion GPS, DNC, Steele,…

Just for fun.

Better than a view of 1 sentence without content like “I hate that yellow crested Smurf with his eternal smile on his dirty bakkes”.That is neither an answer nor a well-founded opinion.

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