How would you feel if you knew that one of your colleagues just before your contract renewal was going to talk badly about you with your boss? Would you still like to work in this company?

We are going to assume that the colleague speaks “badly” about you. That is to say that his/her story is not correct or is strongly beaten. In the other case, he or she simply reports the reality or his/her vision that you may not want to face yourself.

I would feel bad.But ultimately, the boss has nothing to do with it. If the black make an impact on the working atmosphere, then I would not quickly be inclined to renew the contract. If the boss is looking through it and that this colleague wants to increase his/her own chances, but does not end up in it, well, then there is nothing wrong.
If you know of yourself what you stand for and what your added value is, why would you give up?If your boss renewed the contract, it says that enough.

Yes, learn to understand why this person has left negative about you at that moment is key to keep the team strong.

Sometimes people leave themselves negative, without any negative thoughts.Either, ventilating his or her thoughts.

It is common for a moment to get rid of what is feeling frustrated at that time.Often, people need to get rid of something, so that the brain is no longer so busy with it.

You have worked for months with pleasure (why do you work differently), why would you have some negative experiences influencing such an important part of your life?Why not learn to understand and continue as stronger team?

And finally, what if your information is not correct?Why do we always like to take truth in the negative stories we hear about ourselves? But not the positive? Who told you that this really happened? And that it was really only negative?

Understanding each other is so much more important in teamwork than a little negativity.Everyone sometimes has that moment -everyone has to lose his or her thoughts. Precisely the “boss” will do less damage in knowing this negativity, that person has exactly the most experience in it and will not let a little negativity expire one’s contract.

It makes me no wonder what is going to be made about me.

If my boss is happy with me and I have fun in my work, that is enough for me.

It becomes different if the boss believes what is being reoddded.Then I go looking for other work. Or I speak to the contract renewal about the pathogen, without naming the Gossibler. If that still does not improve, I will serve my extended contract and I have left.

I have worked with a certain bank in the past where everyone has been constantly dropping others, because of promotions and bonuses.At one point you only trust 1 person, concentrate on your own work and narrow down everyone. I’m still working for 5 years without reluctance.

I would like to appeal to the colleague.Something like: “I heard you said so and so about me. I do not agree with this, but if there is anything that bothers you, I would like to talk to you about it. “

If the company is nice and the atmosphere is good, I really wouldn’t let it ruin by one colleague!

Cut and Shave.Your colleague is not your boss.

There you will have him again: the duality of life.Something happened and we have to stop it in a box, good or wrong, fun or annoying. But, IMHO, your choice to continue working here should not be based on one isolated fact. So think for a moment: What makes me want to stay and what not? If the remaining list is longer, here are some tips to deal with this annoying feeling.

  1. Start with the why: Ask your colleague what happened and why?

Actually tell what happened, from yourself and how this makes you feel. I heard that you talked to X about my work and that you apparently did not think so well. I would like to know what you mean by this and regret that you have not come directly to me with this.

  • Don’t take anything personal: people judge your work qualities at work, personal traits often fall outside.
  • Is it about “you never say Good morning” please explain why you are not doing it and see how that can otherwise be possible.

  • Value judgements: Here I could write a book about it, but to keep it short: can you REALLY care what Person X thinks of you?
  • Not everyone will like you, nice, professional.. Find. Would you also be angry if someone on the other hand VD world that says about you?

  • Hello Manager: Do not come out with that person, explain the issue to your manager.
  • These people are often paid generously so they can best take on the more difficult issues. Tell me once again what you find and how you feel about it. Don’t fall for the management trick to find a solution for yourself. Answer that you had a conversation with the other, but there was nothing constructive about it and need help.

  • Self-knowledge and spot: Is there a ground of truth in the remark?
  • Someone called me in a discussion ever a fat sack. This has no more effect on me than when you call me man, Belgian, etc. With 105 kg of dry on the hook you can call me a pannelatje. In America companies do not Ofreren “contract.” In most states you can be dismissed practically for no reason.The advantage is that America is coming out of recession faster than Europe, the downside is the cost to the public.

    The bigger question is what do you do when someone is talking badly about you.The only thing I would do now (after many years of experience) work hard and work exactly, be friendly with clients and colleagues. You have no control over what other people say about you, you can only show how good an employee you are.

    If you discuss this with your boss, the result depends on what he/she thinks about you at that point.If he/she finds you right, something positive can come out. If he/she finds you badly, it only gets worse.

    Sorry for my Dutch-bit rusty after 35 years in America.

    That makes me n.

    Iks out, ignoring that person annoys that person even more if you know what has been said was unjustifiably.

    If you have a boss feeling with the company, he also knows that something is not right here.

    Of course, you can turn it over, sign your contract renewal, agree that you will take cong茅 the rest of the day, empty your desk and say that you have been fired on standing foot after a colleague’s complaint.It is now up to that colleague to confess, if not then you reveal the name of the person to all your colleagues the day after.

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