How would you explain to someone who has no children, how the bond between you and your child feels?

I am very reluctant to explain that.And when I try, I realise that most aspects of it are neither unique nor universal. I believe I have tried it once in my life and then had to conclude that I could not. A second attempt below.

I just sit down watching the YouTube video in which Anderson Cooper talks with footage about his mother and her death.

You get at least as much out of the images as out of the words.Actually you search in her words and their interaction in the film images mainly to affirmation of his words. So words are but limited able to convey the real feelings.

Now, Cooper is also a gifted and experienced speaker, and of course he knows how to effectively underline his words with the right stream choices and I can’t do that.

Why I am tightening This example is because it makes it clear that so much is so difficult and in that sense “just” can be so hard to put into words.

What I can do is tell small pieces of my feelings about my children.One of the things I sometimes say is that they are one of the most precious gifts that life has given me. So I feel that too. Life was not compulsory for me children. I have not made them, in the sense that you can compose a story or create a garden. There you have much more in your hand, while a child is a human being, a unique combination of hereditary material from two parents and with unique experiences.

When you grow up in a reasonably harmonious family, you know the special bond between siblings.That is familiar and love is certainly a part of that. If you have had a pet, for which you were responsible and that you were unconditionally trusted, then you know that feeling of caring for and the affection and confidence you get back to them. If you have been in love, you know what hormones do with you and how you can see in another person the most beautiful and desirable on Earth. How you see his imperfections just as endearing and the good points as dazzling.

Well throw that up a lot, mix it just right and you know how the bond between me and my kids feels to me.

At the very bottom I answer your question.

Just read a book about adoption, she tried to care as well as possible for her child, but in proportion to what society considers normal, this was down to maats.She realizes this too and the if she herself, without a child, comes to her fold, she tries to take care of her child back. Finally, the child is finally placed and adopted by a foster parent.

I would like to turn the question around, there are parents who neglect/defy their child to be with their new partner. Here was the explanation of that parent that they committed that act because the child was in the way of their happiness.The neglect happened because the new partner could not tolerate that the child was not his. He threatened to go away with it and so neglect was the only solution in their eyes.

Returning to your question, I, who has no children, would answer the question as follows.There is nothing like my children, if you want to build a future with me, you will have to take my children. Don’t you see that sitting down? Please don’t waste my time and find someone else.

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