How would you deal with identity problems? I have the idea that I don’t remember who I actually am.

“Der Mensch Is there isst” (Feuerbach)-Man is what he eats.

Or “Man is what he does”-

Two rather materialistic approaches to ‘ identity ‘.The concept of identity is one of the many concepts of the humanities that are hardly adequately described. From laziness, it is divided into ‘ part-identities ‘: A professional identity, a sexual identity, a relational identity, a preferred reading identity, a preferred film type identity, an emotional preferred response identity , a (fill in) identity. We are of everything, and we are almost nothing at all. No one is always full ‘ I ‘, no one is never ‘ not-I ‘.

Homework: Fill in the ‘ Fill in ‘, with everything you can invent.Favorite shampoo, tastiest food, prettiest garment, desired cup size of your future girlfriend-error is almost not possible. Answer the questions then-two or three replies May. And see there: an identity.

But something tells me that you are not satisfied with it.You have a certain picture of what an identity is, it has decided that this image is correct and discovers that you do not have it. No, no one has it, as you define it. Do my definition though.

Ask your men what they are then they often imagine themselves on the basis of their profession.(I’m Jan, 43 years and I’m an accountant. Oh, eh, I’m married and have two children).

If you ask women what they are, they often make themselves aware of their relationships.(I am Wilma, 43 years, married, two children. Oh, eh, I’m a surgeon)

Ask your children what they are then tell them their name.Because they are.

If you ask me then I start hesitating with ‘ man ‘.Hesitating, because before you know it you are contradicted, and I am still not sure how I can prove it convincingly. Dan: Name, age, profession, relational status and voila, an identity. Please ask me for my identity regarding books, film and meal identity then I start to stutter. I do not know.

In fact, nobody knows exactly who he/she is. And that’s right, we’re doing something.We hope.

Finally, the opinion of the late my grandmother: “As long as it eats and poops it is”.And that is more than enough.

I don’t really know who I am, I discovered somewhere on my thirtieth that I was raised by a mother with a multiple personality syndrome.And love was conditional. If I was good and did what my mother (s) wanted, then I had a great childhood. But oh wee when I did something that was up against her hair.

So I eat sprouts because I like them?Or because my mother loves me?
Don’t I love red because my mother found that nice color?Or do I find it an ugly color?

And so I have spoken an endless list with my, at the time, psychiatrist.

So who am I?Was was I before 7 mothers went to run fools? And how would I have grown up if I had another (normal) mother?

I have given it up to think longer.I tried to crystallize it in different therapies. But finally, after a long way, I have come to the conclusion that I have to accept myself as I am.

And yes, I do have things that I am sure I am.That I have done all of that myself and where I am 100% behind. That comes with the years.

But I am very receptive to impressions, that I am aware, and for conditioning.I fall back very easily in the old, accommodating pattern, because I know no different, and all that other, my new self, takes a lot of energy.

So I have learned to live with balance search, recognize primary feelings and thus confirm my own authenticity.

And that has nothing, as it is written to make with passport or profile, in your profile you can be anyone you want to be.It’s about deep inside. The essence of ‘ you ‘. That is an identity problem.

If you are really burdened with it, I would seek professional help, or a coach with which you can talk and help you with tools to find yourself back.Because I know from experience how lost you can feel.

A very big question… “Who am I?”. It would help if you could elaborate on questions such as: when do I have the impression that I don’t remember who I am?What brings me in there?Give a few examples, concrete examples.You can also ask yourself: since when ?Has anything happened around that time?

And what was it for?Was i then reasonably happy with myself?Did I know how the fork was in the stem?

This is anyway the beginning of what is likely to be a lengthy process of exploration.I don’t think an email on Quora can really support a process.

The “I” is an abstraction of himself.

Everyone gives shape to reality, you can fill it up as you like.

You have the freedom to be what you want to be.

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