How would the world look like Nazi Germany had won the war?

Several good books have been written that play in a timeline in which the Nazis have won the war.I mention here Dominion (Dutch: Mist over London) of C. J Sansom in which Churchill but the Appeaser Halifax becomes prime Minister and Great Britain closes a peace agreement with Germany in the summer of 1940.The book itself plays in the early ‘ 50 in which the UK has become a Vichy-like Vassan state of Germany. It is also known Fatherland by Robert Harris that plays in the Germany of the ‘ 60 ‘ and the hero has to solve a series of murders.The Man in the High Castle (Dutch boots on the night) of Philip K. Dick is set in Japan-occupied California.The US has been overcome and the West is occupied by Nazi Germany while the Deep South has become a vassan state. Outside these books, more books and films have appeared that play in a world after a Nazi victory.

I myself think the Nazis could not overcome.With the right military decisions by Hitler, the war could still have been stretched until the ‘ 50 but losing would be the Nazi ‘ s eventually anyway. The economic potential of the US, the British Empire and the Soviet Union was combined far too great for Germany and the occupied territories plus German allies.

Since the eighteenth century, continental Europe has been unable to fully bedrip itself as Napoleon has already noticed with the continental system.For food supply and raw materials for industry, Europe relies on imports, especially from the new World and Asia. A blockade of Europe will lead to shortages and problems with industry.

Perhaps a non-national Socialist Germany had more opportunities.A Germany without Jews persecution and other racism had kept the scholars in the House who were now working on a nuclear weapon in the US. If Germany had not considered the Russians and Ukrainians as Untermenschen but as equal humans then the Germans after the Holodomor and Stalinist purges could possibly have been brought in as liberators and Russia after the fall of Stalin had still Connected to the shaft. The supply of food, raw materials and oil had been a lot better.

What if…

For the convenience, I assume that the war is proceeding differently.

The Miracle of Dunkirk is a great victory for Germany.Bombers destroy the entire fleet of boats that are unsuccessfully trying to relieve British troops. The Allies who do not drown at sea surrender massively and let themselves drain. England sees no salvation to fight further against the Germans and one comes to a thoughtful peace. The Commonwealth remains fully in the hands of the United Kingdom, except Southern Africa, which coincides with the former German colonies with Germany. The Netherlands does not see an option other than to join the German victor. In German India, German is the most important language for the elite, but Malay remains the main general language. Also in the West, the Millennial Empire now receives some important support points. Suriname and the Antilles.

The trade to Japan is completely open.Japan becomes the ruler in China, also the defeated Britain supports this politics completely. It is realized that the rapid peace with Germany offers an excellent opportunity to strengthen power in the colonies. Only the degenerate France continues to play a difficult role. France, the natural opponent of England and Germany.

Spain and Italy play a hopeful role here.Especially Spain, which is openly behind Germany, hopes to gain more power in North Africa; Marocco, Algeria…

The great next step of the genial Fuhrer of the Millennial Peace Empire focuses on the suffering east, where Stalin with a terror regime suppresses the population.Especially Germans, but with logistical support from the English, the USSR attack. Hitler has the insight that only the Jews must be destroyed, the slaves are not untermen, but a brother people of German tribe. Because of this he comes as a liberator. In Russia, anti-Semitism is lively (in the decades before the war, many Jews fled from Russia to the west, so Hitler developed his anti-Semitism). The liberation of Russia is a great success and goes hand in hand with the genocide of the Jews. In Siberia, the German and Japanese victors are pushing each other’s hand.

There is clearly no attack on Pearl Harbour.The USA remains out of the war. Japan conquers all of China and has the hands full of controlling the Chinese unterpeople. They are allowed to work as slaves. Raw materials gets Japan from German-Indie

We in lower Germans learn how we have always been part of the German homeland.The Eighty Years ‘ War, with William of Orange, our German Liberator, refers to the Fuhrer who also freed us from the influence of the Fransoos. The French occupation is widely measured.

In Two three battles it succeeds to bring the Jewish population and their helpers.Most people choose eggs for their money. Hitler freed us from the Jewish Communist conspiracy.

The United States lifts the success of the Fuhrer.As the enlightened Europe keeps the Jews underneath, so one wants to keep the blacks below. Maintaining the status quo. In Some states, people are experimenting with genocide. Alabama officially becomes the first completely white state.

Cleaning the state of perilous influences is not entirely under the table.Contrary. Breed improvement becomes an official study direction to most universities. But the unsavory situations in the early period, when the purification was still experimental, are covered with the cloak of love. Now, in 2019, the varietal purity has become such a widely accepted notion that most people sign up without reservations if they receive a request from the service. People also sleep in a quiet way now. Still, the non-purifying must afford to fund their own death, but this is so institutionalised that there is no more corruption. The tax authorities handle every death in a fair manner.

China, which is completely suppressed by Japan, now does not have the ability to act in human organs.Precisely we lower Germans, handy businessmen as always, play a big role in this trade.

There are projects to reduce the original population of some colonies.This is not caused by euthanasia, but by fertility treatments. If the population is too rebelliously, one uses sophisticated techniques to help them through a short captivity to soap. One makes cattle feed and fertilizers of the human remainders. Unfortunately, there are sometimes abuses for (extreme atrocities), but a wrongdoing against unterpeople cannot be charged hard.

Germans, Japanese, Spaniards, Italians and British are the main uberpeople.It is clear that Hitler is in his stomach especially with the Italians. Those are actually degenerate Jews friends. Only South Tyrol belongs to the Millennial Empire. With convenient maneuvering, the Germans manage to virtually eliminate the influence of the Italians by means of race improvement. They can only come to Berlin to entertain the soldiers of the Schwule Scene. (Needless to say that the SS in 2019 consists entirely of gays) That pervetine, cocaine and heroin are simply free to obtain, contributes to the revelry.

The Spaniards still live under the dictatorship.But that the Spaniards are real uberpeople, no one doubts. They have proven their breed well enough in Latin America.

Britain is still the leader of the Commonwealth.In the last 50 years, Ireland has again conquered the perfidious Catholics. Here, the insights about breed improvement also make their blessing work. Fortunately, because the degenerate Irish humour is an insult to civilization. No one has heard of James Joyce.

In 1954, a legal coup d’茅tat took place in the USA.The Nazi party, especially backed by the Detroit billionaires, comes to power.

World-wide It is agreed that the population of the colonies are Unterhumans, from which one must keep the fertility within accepted borders.Indians of the Americas and their descendants, very black Africa, black India, Papuans, and all the Chinese we can completely erase as necessary, as the Jews have been poured out.

Between races are Arabs (for political reasons), all kinds of Turkish population groups, (the Brother people of the Japanese) and Persians (purebred Ariers).

As we know the declaration of the Human Rights, so people in the country know-of-like the doctrine of race purity.This is not being tornd. However, anyone can rely on the court, and many Chinese succeed in proving that he is actually an uzbeek, or that he is Japanese because his mother has had a relationship with a Japanese. (Of course, we cannot speak of rape)

I think that racism is the most important part of the Nazi ideology. Had one had more time than the Endlsung had worked neatly under the carpet.Nowhere mass graves or hills of human remains. The British would not be reluctant to think of German superiority. Neither the Spaniards nor the Japanese.

The USA would produce a mixed image.As the south with the blacks went over, Hitler could appreciate it. But the large groups of Jews, Irish and Italians in the north would repel him. The coup of 1954 is a solution to this.

Germany would have depopulation Eastern Europe and Russia, a slow holocaust of tens of millions of people, while the rest must interfere with the 脺bermensch.

Then also the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches would be heavily the klos, disappear or marginalised for the benefit of a new cult of ancient Germanic and Norse mythology.

It is not impossible that the Reich would be divided internally, especially after the death of Hitler, with violent elements.The tide would turn sooner or later, but in the meantime Nazism would have killed millions of people.

The baker on the corner bakes bread. The Butcher turns meatballs and children learn to count, German, geography and history at school and a little boy wonders,

What would the world look like when the Bolsheviks had won the war?

Just at that time, a cold trip was blowing through the classroom and

Father Hitler, (1889 -1952), Savior of free Europe, turned to his richly decorated honorary mausoleum in Berlin….

The world?

The Americans had then still wiped out all the Indians, and the Australiers were the same with the Aboriginal.

In the Middle East it was then quiet.
Iraq and Iran war had not been there.

The whole world had got solar panels.
And everyone drove a BMW or Audi.

Bath, Very bad

If Germany had won the war, I had either not born or I was vergast in Auswitz.

My biological mother was Jewish, so I am a Jewish descent.



What has not happened we will never know exactly.An interpretation that I found fascinating to read is Harry Mulisch ‘ The Future of yesterday ‘. A summary of a novel he never wrote. It is a writer in a world where Germany has won the Second World War and secretly writes a book about what the world would look like if Germany lost the war. A novel that I would have liked to read.

Clausewitz had already written: Russia is a country that is impossible to conquer, except internal collapse. What is the way Germany defeated him in 1917 by helping the Bolsheviks.

It was possible in 1941: so many Soviets, even Russians, because of the tyranny of Stalin, were ready to receive the Germans as liberators.A German general had a report on this subject and complained that it was inhumane by the Soviets to treat the fact that almost unanimity had been created against the Germans. But for that, the slaves were not to be considered submen, so Germany was not to be led by the Nazis. In this case, his victory would not have been a catastrophe, especially for the freed populations of Stalin.

If the mastery of martial art, from the simple soldier to the generals, had been decisive, the Germans would win the two World Wars Hebben.Net as Napoleon would have achieved victory.

The German victory during the Second World War was for other reasons highly improbable:

  • Strategic depth of the USSR which exceeds the German logistical capacities (the army is never with more than 30% motorized);
  • Enormous demographic superiority of the enemies of Germany;
  • Tremendous superiority of the enemies of Germany with regard to the great strategy whose foundations are not militarily stricto sensu but economically:
    • Agricultural production;
    • Industrial production;
    • Access to sources of raw materials and energy, especially oil : During the war was 60% of the oil extracted IN the US, the remainder mainly in Venezuela AND the USSR, the Germans did not have access to 5% of world production, mainly in Romania.

See the video below.

Back to the question itself.

Suppose the Fall Blau was a success, that the Germans conquer the Soviet oilfields, can quickly organize their exploitation and win the war in the east.

So the Western allies who had not yet had the atomic bomb would almost certainly have negotiated the end of the war.

However, for a thousand years the Nazi empire was an illusion of Hitler .

Hitler only has access to power because of the misery caused in Germany by the crisis that was provoked in 1929 by the financial speculative madness of the US. He was able to maintain himself and worsen tyranny during the war of the regime, only because the implicit choice was “me or the defeat”.After the German victory, the disappearance of this argument, the political tyranny would have become less accepted.

As was the case in the USSR, the regime would continue to exist until the death of the dictator, whose strength would have been strengthened by victory.But then Nazism would have found his Gorbachev. And all the more because we have seen the gradual destruction of German economic efficiency through totalitarianism. As in the USSR after 1945. The evolution of the regime would certainly have been quicker after Hitler’s death would probably have been faster than that of the USSR after Stalin’s death and rather as in Spain after the death of Franco. The latter was above all that the younger generations of the social classes that supported the Francoism no longer wanted the dictatorship. However, to maintain a diet it needs a social basis. And Germany has never had an age-old tradition of despotism such as Russia and China. In order to get Hitler to power and to remain in power, exceptional circumstances were needed, which were therefore not sustainable.

Should we conclude that a German victory would not have been so serious and that there was no reason to accept the sacrifices of this struggle? Absolutely not.This victory, which extends the Nazi regime of one or two decades, would have had tragic consequences: for German society, for the occupied countries and above all: an even more complete genocide of the Jews, which stretched to a large part of the Slaves.

Whatever the winners, the twentieth century is the most catastrophic in the history of Europe since the fall of the Roman Empire.The original mistake is the First World War, unleashed with a lightness and incompetence similar to that of Bush destabilizing the Middle East and Sarkozy destroying the state of Libya, but with even worse consequences. The only positive consequences of this war are the restoration of Poland and the independence of Finland and the Baltic states. For France, the re-annexation of Alsace-Lorraine was not worth the human and economic costs.

In 1914, Europe started a suicide process . It went on to 1945.And even up to 1948 with the greatest displacements of forced populations from all over history Orderly and Humane.It has survived and restored. But many serious negative consequences are irreparable : Human, economic, political, cultural, etc.

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