How would it be if I were to live a day like you? What does a normal day look like for you?

Lol I think few of you would like it or Nachi.I’m up at an hour or 5 noon first to smoke a cigarette after that I go for a little cleaning shower. Me is dress up quick to do messages.

We are at half 7. Lubricate i is a bun.I walk in the meantime to fool me on iPad so then I read a book of some philosopher probably I am messing around on discord I play a jar of vainglory. May also be that I’m on some vague meme site. Cigaret 2

Won’t be as strange as I’m somewhere something of a fry with fruit roadwork think of a few apples strawberries pineapple cherries If I can find them.Cigaret 3

For an hour or 10 the PlayStation will turn on when I feel like it.I have something from 40 games and am trying to get all trophy’s. I do up to an hour or 12. Cigaret 4

Hour or 12 I go to the park in half an hour jogging half an hour kloten with those machines I have to think a bit about me physically.Cigaret 5

Half 2 I’m going to start cooking.Usually something of potatoes meat vegetable a pasta something with rice. May also be that I have a salad road to which I feel like. Cigaret 6

Half 3 debris reaming kitchen dishes usually with a music on. Can be then I get a mop over me floor or just clean my bathroom.Cigaret 7

Half 4 Internet book vainglory discord music.Cigaret 8

Half 5 Clive zooi Evidence: Matrix Film type Interfaced People into a Duplicated population simulation argument Reality Combination-matrix, Duplicated ‘ population ‘ simulation argument Extensive Evidence & Original Research/Investigations Doing those exercises.Usually ended up in the below two options

Is there how nice it is going to go those things easy and I am not an emotional wreck after those exercises then even Internet book vainglory discord up to half 8. Cigaret 9

Is it a the again then I’m still struggling with unprocessed junk emotions thoughts and old traumas to an hour or 8. Cigaret 9

Usually I do another round of debris clearing for that I’m going to make sleeping ashtray empty check if dishes are done. Hour or 9 I go to sleep.Cigaret 10. Shower toothbrushing. After bed

Why this weird Schedule I love more of night as day I can’t muster it to make me feel like the people.Night is less interaction with people. I like to be outside if there is no dog on the street. But Kutkh I see that you do not work that you have seen well. Why does Kutkh not work because I suffer from tinnitus and HPPD both are quite irritating. That squeaky in me ear makes me rather aggressive after the one that has caused the HPPD is a croszing between LSD 2CB flashbacks. For those of you who do have LSD have done that LSD is quite an attack on everything the impulses the Energian all yes imagine that it will not work away while you are tripping yes maybe mailman or so but then I sit with people again.

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