How was your experience at the Quora World Meetup in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on 22 June 2019?

It was very nice to meet some members of our Quora community.

Great thanks to Attman Kar for organizing everything!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that everyone was there to get to know each other and not to ask me insiders info about Quora;)

We drank, we ate, we talked, and we shared.We also had a lot of fun.

It was a very positive encounter, and I was very happy to see that everyone behaved in real life just like on Quora: friendly and attentive, frank and happy to share their experience and knowledge.

Next time I will be glad to see more of you!

The first official Quora World Meetup of the Netherlands was a great success!

This was certainly by the attendees who took the trouble to come.

It was very nice to get to know each other.

During those few hours I learned a lot of things.We talked about different topics, including Quora, programming and algorithms, corporate cultures, history, regulations in the US, English boxing, languages, descent, life in the Netherlands and beyond, and other life experiences.

We have undoubtedly reached the goal of Quora: ‘ Sharing our knowledge ‘!And we will continue to do so in the future!

From bottom left, in counterclockwise, Quora user, Frank Flippo, stokely irion, Quora user, Quora user, Quora user, Pal Hargitai, and Attman Kar.

Thank you very much to you for the enormous cosiness.

We see each other next time!And hopefully more Quorans too.

P.S. we don’t have to wait for the next official meetup until the next year.Perhaps we can plan a meeting of ourselves, in November or so.

It was super cozy.

I thought it was nice to note that the conversations this afternoon often went exactly as one writes.

For me, Quora really proves itself as a social network; The people at the meeting were diverse, open, funny and wise.

We give each other space.We Share our knowledge and experiences. And we can meet once; They are nice people; That’s a great good.

Thanks all!

Just as much fun as my first, only smaller

But had fun with everyone and me. Come again

Small but diverse group of people with a lot of energy and conviviality.Very enjoyable!

I had it very much to my liking, the hours flew around. When I had to leave, I was sorry that I could not speak to everyone.A little cosier caf茅 I would like to recommend for the next time. This was so ‘ cold and far too spacious overpriced American tent that sounded hollow from all the used glass and metal.

But the people: Super!Don’t miss it, next time.

That is a repeat.Except for the small search for the place of appointment but that was more than well made by the present company. That you needed your ticket everywhere to leave a station was new. Here it is only Brussels.

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