1. Turn off electricity and water. Unplug the power cord from the outlet.
  2. Remove the agitator.
  3. Disconnect the hoses.
  4. Lay the washing machine on its back.
  5. Remove the drain pump.
  6. Remove the gear and drive motor assembly.
  7. Remove the clutch assembly.
  8. Remove the brake cam.

Also, how do I know if my washing machine‘s clutch is bad?

The tub should start spinning quickly. If it doesn’t turn at all, the clutch is bad. Listen to the spin motion of the washing machine, if it can spin at all. Any intermittent slowing of the spin cycle, indicated by a change in motor hum, can indicate a worn or broken clutch.

One may also wonder what causes a washing machine motor to burn out?

Weared bearings can put a lot of strain on a motor and cause it to burn out prematurely. Any of the bearings in the washing machine‘s gearbox, the pan bearing, or the sleeve bearings in the motor itself can cause an early motor fire.

Of what is a drive block on a washing machine?

Instructions. This step-by-step washing machine repair guide explains how to replace the drive block on a top load washing machine. The drive block is located on top of the spin tube and rotates the spin basket during the spin cycle. If the drive block is worn out, the basket will wobble and rattle when spinning or will not spin at all.

What does a clutch do in a washing machine?

The clutch The washing machine‘s system is for the movement of the machine‘s inner pan. It is also responsible for the movement of the agitator during the washing process. The clutch system in the washing machine plays a similar role to the clutch in a manual transmission car.

Why is my washing machine spinning slowly?

There are several reasons why a laundry is washed in the machine may not rotate properly or fast enough. More serious causes, such as A breakage or damage to the pump pulley or belt may require professional repair. Other possible causes include a faulty lid switch or a problem with the motor.

How does a washing machine brake work?

The spring pulls the brake, which means the brake is normally engaged; As the motor spins the large pulley at the bottom of the gearbox, it winds up a corkscrew shaft and pushes the brake disc up, releasing it.

How much does a washing machine motor cost?

Below is the average cost of common washing machine replacement parts, although they vary widely by brand: Water or drain pump: $35 to $200. Drain hose: $3-$30. Motor: $150-$500.

Why is the washing machine making noise?

The most common cause of loud washing machine noise is simply an unbalanced load during the spin cycle. Many models are designed to shut off and alert you to an unbalanced load before the rattling and rattling sends your machine running across the floor.

How to tell if the clutch in a washing machine is bad ?

Listen to the washing machine at the beginning during the water filling sequence. Wait for the washing machine to be full. Make sure that the movement begins during the washing process. If you don’t hear the agitator moving back and forth, which is indicated by sloshing water and a humming of the motor, the clutch is most likely defective.

Why is the washing machine making noise?

A washing machine that makes a loud noise when spinning can also be caused by a defective drive pulley. The pulley is where the belt (if applicable for your washing machine) runs to rotate your washing machine tub. The pulley can be made of plastic or metal. It could just be worn out or just loose.

How do I attach the lid switch to my Kenmore 80 series washing machine?

  1. Step 1: Open the console. Control panel panel is fixed with two screws.
  2. Step 2 Unplug the switch. Press the tab to release the clip/latch.
  3. Step 3 Open the case. Use the prize tool to remove two case clips.
  4. Step 4 Remove cables. The chassis ground wire is secured with a screw, 5/16 (five sixteenths) inch hex head.
  5. Step 5 Remove switch.

How does a Washing machine gear works?

Gear. The gearbox of the washing machine drives the rotation of the inner tub and the ratcheting movement of the agitator. The washing machine either has a motor that runs in one direction or that runs in reverse. With the single direction, the magnet controls whether the agitator or the inner tub is driven by the gearbox.

Why does my washing machine smell like burnt rubber?

Overheating of the motors. Whether the main drive motor is connected to the tub by a belt or direct clutch, overloading the washing machine can stress it enough to cause it to overheat. This also creates a burnt rubber smell, albeit with a hint of burning electrical components.

Does Lowes carry washing machine parts?

Wascher Parts at

Does Lowes carry washing machine parts?

How do I know if my GE washing machine‘s transmission is bad?

Odour. There is a burning smell coming out of the washing machine when it is operated with poor transmission. The belt that controls the pulley on the gearbox can also cause the same problem. Once the bearings in the gearbox fail, the rotation of the motor and drum creates friction in the gearbox.

How much does a Whirlpool washing machine clutch cost?

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