How should someone motivate his five-year-old child, who eats only snacks, to eat food?

You should not motivate yourself, you need to educate.All the snacks out the house, child just at the table while eating. Don’t eat ‘ ie? -Pity then. Next meal may ‘ ie try it again. And no, no snacks. You either. Only eat during meals. Sweets ed. Only come when there is a normal eating pattern. Cake, snacks, ice cream, sweets: All out the door.

Let the child see who is the boss. That’s where a child feels good, safe.Eating Snacks is neglect.

Who buys those snacks?

Good question.

I have, funnily enough, taught myself to find water nicely.Because I drank water very cold, it was a lot easier and myself to remember another drink. I wanted to drink water right.

But I think in the case of a 5 year old baby It is good to go through 2 ways to work.Ensure that IE does not get any other food (also in school) although it is difficult with treats. But let me say so when you are hungry.. Then you’ll want to.

But on the other hand, figure out why his or her body is nagging snacks.

Look a child does not need to be addicted to snacks unless it yields something and/or complements it.E.g. Stress or sadness that is not talked about is a killer.

By just getting to eat (many people) a temporary softening of tension.Especially with snacks. That food is rewarded with dopamine in the brain. Thus, there are more forms that provide such a response. Smoking, pornography, drugs and basically anything that gives short so-called positive reward.

But also positive things like sports.Or receive a compliment.

Should the child e.g.Have no psychological problems but miss something like physical exercise. Then it might be an idea to go sports. Or an activity in which he or she can find himself. Here are also Bible studies for children/adults with addiction.

To give another example in which this is demonstrably:

A professor has ever wanted to find out why people become addicted to heroin.

The professor started with a rat in a bare cage.Gave the rat food and hung a water bottle and a bottle of heroin at the cage and went to serve up what was happening. At the beginning not so much. Only what the rat had learned.

But the Ratje soon found the bottle of heroin.And remarkably enough food and water left it. And that didn’t quit. The Ratje found no need in water and food anymore.

The professor saw that an addiction soon arose, once the rat drank heroin.But could not yet post why.

The professor went on a very different tack.The guy thought let me do another expiriment with the Ratje. The professor built a new cage.. But this time a paradise for the Ratje.. Good food and a little woman. But again hung 2 vials to the cage water and heroin. After some time the rat sniffed at the bottle of heroin and water..

But 1x recommend..

The rat left the heroin.Even though it had already become addicted to heroin.

The rat had no need for heroin anymore because it had received what it needed.

Crazy enough is that with us also the same.We can reverse our addictions with the gene which is positive in our lives.

Often a listening ear is already a healer.

God Jesus helps me and my expectant wife what I gun to everyone.

The story of the professor I have heard somewhere.But I don’t remember where. It does, however, throw its fruit. For when I was filled with something positive I left my addiction.

You can try to make fruit and vegetables fun.For example, make dolls or serve pieces on a satay spike.

Also important is not to make it a duty (not even for yourself).If he doesn’t want it, he doesn’t eat. When he complains in bed about hunger, it is important to point out that he is not good at and to say that he does it next time. Giving him a sandwich is in my opinion no problem..

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