How should I deal with the loving behavior between my daughter and my husband?

This is probably one of the most sensitive questions I will ever answer on Quora.

I will have to be very, very careful by the minefield.

It could be that your husband and your daughter just have a strong bond.

If your daughter needs a performance, or if she wants to talk about a problem, she does that with Pappa.

It is a natural reaction to find that sometimes a pity.

“It seems like I’m not being recognized as a mother!I’m just a “nice woman, who cooks nicely” but it does keep up with it “.

It is of the utmost importance to define clearly, very clearly, what you see as “loving behaviour”.

And also the age of your daughter is lacking.

I would ask myself how the course of business in the family is with bathing/showering.

If your daughter Doucht, does she lock the door?

Does your husband run when he goes to showering in his expose over the corridor?

Is nudity taboo in your family, or is that quite common and “shouldn’t you do that hard”?

If the table conversations in the evening are mainly between your husband and your daughter and your husband discusses the problems in his work with your daughter and not with you; If your husband and your daughter take financial decisions or other decisions that affect the whole family, while you feel locked out, there is something wrong!

It is not the intention that you will be pushed into the role of a little girl, while your daddy and you…… Ehm… “Mamma” You take decisions for you!

If the “loving behavior” excites a kind of vague erotic atmosphere and your husband says things like:

“What Are you beautiful!What do you have beautiful eyes! You have beautiful breasts! “, I do not wind, that an erotic charge does not belong in a father’s daughter relationship.

If your daughter is a birthday, your husband will give her a kiss.

But of course no kiss on her mouth!

Then bubbles have to ring and it’s time, that you immediately turn on professional helpers on the stand, WITHOUT SAYING THIS to YOUR HUSBAND OR YOUR DAUGHTER!

You will then have to discuss all relevant facts with professionals to decide whether to intervene.

I think this is my very, very urgent advice to you!

Make an appointment with professional responders FOR YOUR ONLY!

And analyse the situation with professionals.

You will then have to decide with the professionals whether to intervene.

I do not go into my theorien, which could have very serious consequences, because I do not know the facts.I don’t know the age of your daughter.

I don’t know your husband.

It is not my place to submit the heaviest indictment that is possible against a father, without knowing the facts!


But please, switch experts in!


Once your daughter comes to school and your husband is up to work!

Don’t try to hear your daughter!That can have very destructive consequences and the matter will explode, if your husband is behind it!


Lots of strength!

Ps.I don’t know if you can send me a message on Quora.

But if you want, you can do that from me.




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