How should advertisers use Twitter?

With 335 million active users, Twitter is the second largest social network in the world.79 percent of the accounts are located outside the USA, 5.3 million active accounts are in Germany.

More than 48% of users log in to Twitter everyday.Every second, an average of 6,000 tweetsare posted on Twitter.That’s more than 350,000 tweets per minute, or 500 million tweets per dayand 200 billion tweets a year.

All companies of the DAX (German stock index of the largest German listed companies) have one or more (official) Twitter accounts. ProSiebenSat.1 is the leader in Twittering, with 116,738 tweets per month since registration. 74.4% of German online shops use a Twitter account.

The initial character limit of 140 characters per tweet has now been eased to Twitter to 280 characters, leaving extra space for links and images.Twitter has also integrated many other communication and marketing features, including Twitter videos and live videos, chats, stories, and surveys. Twitter, however, remains a short-message service, at least for now.

In fact, it’s mostly the easy way to reach millions of users with short messages and with the help of #Hashtags and @Handles.This is exactly what makes the microblogging service so valuable for people, companies and brands for communication.

7 tips for Twitter communication

1.Share relevant content with added value

Relevant content is the only currency to reach followers and prospects.Always add a special value to your tweets. High-quality and entertaining content is the only thing that really interests followers and what they give likes and retweets for.

2.In the shorttime, the spice

The character limit for tweets has now doubled from the initial 140 to 280 characters.However, Twitter is still a short message service.

Only 5% of tweets exceed the 140-character limit, 2% are over 190 characters and only 1% actually reaches the 280-character limit.

Studies have shown that tweets with about 110 characters increase interaction by up to 17%.Tweets of about 80-110 characters work best to promote engagement. For a simple reason: Shorter messages make it easier for followers to retweet a tweet. If you leave enough room for comments or @handles, tweets are more likely to be retweeted.

3.Use hashtags and trending hashtags

Hashtags make it easier for your audience to find your tweets.Adding hashtags can help get more attention for your tweets. But use only if the hashtags also have a content-related connection to your message.



Use eye-catching images, infographics, and videos

Visual content is easy to catch eye and unbeatable when it comes to catching the passing Twitter user.Image tweets get up to 5 x more reactions like text updates.Videos generate 1200% more re-shares than texts and images combined.82% of Twitter users regularly watch the videos on their NewsFeed.Especially those who want to appeal to young target groups benefit from videos.

Graphics, and especially infographics and videos, contain more information and messages than 280 characters.

In addition, images that are shared as an image-post format on Twitter are automatically stored in the Twitter media gallery, so that the images remain permanently visible to followers, even if your tweet has long since dipped into the Twitter feed.


  • With Canva, you can quickly and easily create graphics and infographics.

Canva offers a wide range of ready-made templates, layouts, photos and icons that you can use to create professional visuals.

  • Stock photos can be found on Pixabay, Prexels or Unsplash or for great vector graphics.
  • You can also load all these pictures from Stock Photo Galleries order your own graphics in Canva for further processing.

  • With Giphy, or Flipagram, you can create animated gifs for Twitter.
  • Movely helps create animated videos
  • With iSpring Free Cam you can create screencasts, or with Camtasiaif you need more professional options.
  • EXTRA TIP: Share all your pictures on Twitter

    If you share a blog post on Twitter that contains multiple images, then use all your images from your blog posts as an image post tweet.This will give you more variagility for your posts for re-shares and extend the lifetime of your content. For some content, image post formats work much better than link posts, so test both formats and analyze your results. Don’t forget to include a link to your blog post when you tweet a picture.


    Content Curation: The Ideal Content Mix

    While it’s nice to generate likes and clicks for your own content and thus also direct more traffic to your own website, social media should never just be about you!Content Curation is the order of the day!

    If you recommend contributions from others, you show that you are well-known in the industry.This makes it easy to position yourself as an expert and insider. By mentioning a brand or another user by @Handle, you can build relationships and thus lay the foundation for future collaborations.

    EXTRA TIP: How to create the perfect content mix on your Twitter channel

    This is the perfect content mix:

    • 5 curated content: Content from other sources that are relevant to your audience, but should also fit your topics.
    • 3 own content: Content that you have created yourself and that is relevant to your audience.
    • 2 personal content: This content is meant to give your brand a human touch and above all fun!


    • Content Curation tools like, Swayy, Beatrix, or Buzzsumo help you find relevant content based on your keyword selection.
    • For free alternatives, you can use RSS readers like Feedly, Inoreader, or social networks like Stumble Upon or Flipchart to find great content.
    • For curating blog posts and content from other sources directly from your blog, you can use the Blog2Social plugin.

    For content you can find on the web, the Browser Extension and the Web App.

    6.Tweet at the best times for more interaction

    daily for a few minutes.So the right timing can be critical to your success on Twitter. Studies show that the engagement rates are directly related to the numbers of followers who see your tweet when they scroll past.

    Knowing when there’s a lot going on on Twitter and, above all, knowing your target group-specific peak times can already have a big impact on your Twitter performance.

    As a guide, you can orientate yourself to the general best times.

    The Twittersphere is most active during the day between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.

    Tweets posted within this period generate 30% more likes, retweets and comments than others. If you tweet on the weekend, you can increase your interaction by 17% compared to weekdays.

    Tool Tips: Use social media automation to plan your tweets

    • Buffer or Blog2Social help you plan your tweets and automatically post them at the best of times.

    7.Stay active and respond to the interaction of followers

    Always keep an eye on current mentions, list mentions and likes, and respond to them within a reasonable time.In many cases, a simple “thank you” is enough.

    Especially if you get criticism or a negative response on Twitter, you should respond immediately.Willingness to talk and transparency is one of the most effective ways to be authentic and to build a positive brand image.

    Twitter users you interact with are also more willing to continue responding to tweets from you.


    • TweetDeck helps you monitor activity on your Twitter channels, search for hashtags

    EXTRA Tip: How to Increase Your Twitter Success with Social Media Automation

    There are many automation tools that can make your job easier.

    However, not all tools are suitable for efficiently implementing these tips.

    The WordPress plugin Blog2Social has been specially developed to customize your posts for the different networks and communities.You can

    • Edit multiple tweets simultaneously in a unified preview editor
    • Add individual comments, hashtags, handles, or emojis to your tweets
    • Plan and share multiple posts on a Twitter account or across multiple Twitter accounts with customized comments and retweets
    • Select individual images for your tweets
    • Use different post formats for your tweets (link post or picture post)
    • Share your tweets at the best of times to maximize interaction
    • Schedule all posts and tweets with the social media calendar (also in the team)

    Verdict: With the best Twitter tips for success

    Let’s summarize the most important statistics on the measures that best help you increase your interaction rate:

    • 17% more engagement if your tweets are about 100 characters long.
    • 5 times more engagement if tweets contain a picture
    • 86% more retweets if your tweets include a link.
    • 21% more engagement if your tweets contain 1-2 hashtags.
    • 30% more engagement if you tweet during 8am-7pm.
    • The weekend brings a further 17% increase in interaction compared to the weekdays.

    Verdict: Make your tweets about 100 characters long, add a picture, link, hashtag or handle, and tweet during 8 a.m.-7 p.m. and on weekends.

    Do you want to read, share or archive these and more Twitter tips?

    Our guide 15 unbeatable Twitter tips for more likes, retweets and comments on Twitterhas summarized all the tips & tools.

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