How quickly does a narcissist get bored with his partner?

How quickly does a narcissist get bored with his partner?


Before he gets bored, a lot happens in the mind of our narcissist.

So let us dive into the land of word salads, twisted facts and twisted circumstances.Put on your protective suit and don’t forget to climb over the plague mat when you re-emerge!

The great dilemma in his errant brain, and there are indeed many strange wirings, begins with YOUR deception.IT was YOU who dared to deceive the narcissist in his specially created idealization of you. YOU have swindled the idealized image that he lovingly created of you in his brain. Do you remember the time when you were his princess and your pedestal reached up to the rainbow and even you couldn’t see yourself up there? This is you – and not this strange being with all your own ideas, thoughts, desires and needs.Your true self had dared to be something completely different from the phantom you he created for yourself.Yes, yes, our narcissist is a phantom artist, and just as he once created his, he also made you one.

And that is now unfortunately a disaster for you, because one thing we have to get used to:

the narcissist thinks we think like him and we think the narcissist thinks the way we do.

And that’s exactly what they’re doing wrong!

Now that he must assume that you are fundamentally untrustworthy, vicious, deceitful, and insidious, the sequence of his paranoid coping mechanism should no longer seem too strange to us.He believes that you too are hiding such a little hated, crippled self in you. That you too lie and cheat, play roles and all the feelings you speak of are nothing more than rehearsed concepts. In his grandiosity, he now believes that with his intellectual talent, he came to your creep just in time. You will now be penalised for this insidious attempt at deception. This must not be allowed to stand still in the room. He will now take revenge for this. Now you know why you were subjected to a volley of accusations, accusations and jealousy; he thought you are like him, only obviously very clumsy and primitive in your self-expression – which might suggest another insult to his intelligence.

The battle takes its course…………………….

While he is at war with his brains, we wonder about finding ourselves in the middle of (s) a battlefield.We don’t even know what battle is at stake. And so we fight for our integrity under constant fire.

At some point, when he sees such a pile of meat with a delicate pulse still lying in front of him, he with a stick to see if something else stirs.If the meat dump is too weak to react, then boredom arises in the narcissist.

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