How old were you when you first made use of the Internet? Do you remember what you were going to look up/do?

I think I was 18 or 19.Every Friday evening we met with a number of peers in a café in the village from which I come. Everywhere we talked about the internet and it was always about the endless things that would be possible in the future. The Belgian radio station Studio Brussel, which I listened to more often than I watched television, did not let the Internet in any program undiscussed. What I remember especially were the programs in which listeners, who had already seen the Internet or even worked with them, were allowed to dial in to share their experiences.

Even before the first version of Windows appeared, we had every 14 days a lesson on computers in high school.For that lesson we had to walk for ten minutes to a school where there were computers. Never (and still not) I had any idea whatsoever what I had to do with those arrow schemes of msdos (or whatever it was called) or for what they use. And it was not necessary, we didn’t get an exam. It was only years later a compulsory profession in school and since I followed the sports Humaniora, there was no place for computers until then. And by that time I was already a graduate.

But in our local group of friends there was an exception.He managed to answer our questions about that internet. In hindsight, I consider his knowledge of then still phenomenal. He was in opposition to us possessed of computers. He told you that thanks to the internet you could talk to someone by typing texts. It did not matter how far that person was removed from us. I remembered that even though it had been heard on the radio. Hoj added that he knew a big pub where you could try the Internet for a fee. We reserved the computer by phone for ten hours later that evening, because that’s what we wanted to see.

That was the first thing I saw from the Internet: A rectangular bar, at the bottom of the screen.After many unsuccessful attempts, the owner of the pub was able to make a connection and we shared with someone from Brussels or so, our mutual astonitions that this was really possible.

Think about 39, early years 90 we had on t work Internet with Netscape.

I continued to work for an hour longer to read all the information that I could scrape together and name the prints with me.I found out that a favorite author had written a lot more than I knew. I was able to find all those books and eventually buy them over the Internet. Jack Vance. I felt like I was at the gate of space, in that space I could find everything by just using the right keywords. Others had already made (parts of) lists and overviews, and a large part of his fans were computer geeks who were very good at it. Even his high school school newspaper article was to be found. More importantly, the emergence of Ebay and book sites (Abebooks): Almost everything is to be found. 😉

That should have been around 1985 when we started emailing, utilizing the General Electric Global Network.I then worked at the Kodak representation in Israel that needed to be connected to use Kodak’s internal e-mail system. Then I was 35 years old.
Since when Israel was not yet with an X. 25 (see What Is x. 25 in Computer Networking? and x. 25-Wikipedia) Cable Connection to the Internet was connected, I had to look for a solution LIKE techie (IT ́there did not exist) to have a synchronous Connection to be set up.The only thing that was possible was to make a dial-up connection with Italy via satellite.
Before that, I bought a special modem that was able to establish a synchronous data connection and also supported telecommunications via satellites.
After a lot of testing, I came across the correct modem configuration to properly compensate for the propagation delays in satellite telephone lines and to make the data handshake run flawlessly.
We got from Kodak a software package that was a kind of email client for DOS (DOS (operating system)-Wikipedia).Everything went with a CLI (Command-line interface-Wikipedia) and after you logged in you had to first make a list of all emails that had entered into a kind of inbox.After that, you printed out the relevant e-mails on a matrix printer and quickly closed the connection as the post charged hundreds of guilders (converted) per month to telephone charges (to Italy).
We had no outgoing e-mails at the beginning, and most were still using telex (Telex (communication)-Wikipedia).But when Kodak telex messages became less and e-mail started to win, after logging in, the e-mails that were on a 5.25 “floppy were sent as quickly as possible to make the costs as low as possible. In short, a lot of hassle and nothing automatic…..

Early year 90 when I was doing an ICT course.

No idea, I can barely remember the beginning.

That was in 1992 I was then 40 years.But what I was looking for I don’t know anymore, but it was work related because it was at the office.

Why do you ask this on Quora?Are you a little wiser? Again n site that goes down to babers…

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