How old do you feel? And how old are you?

I’m 58, and I’m full of me much younger, maybe a year or 25 in my head.But my body tells a different story on some days. With fibromyalgia I am, especially now that I am back in the Netherlands and sitting in the cold again, almost never hurt and I feel old, particularly when I have to go up and down stairs.

If I am in a warm country, that part is gone again and I feel wonderfully young.

I’m there now 57 and apparently I look younger.
If I receive a compliment for this, I would like to answer this with a kwinkslag.”Listen, whether I was 15, 25, 35, 45 or 55, I always felt 85″.
But all the jocness on a stick, outside the physical, can you then stick an age on your inner?
As a youngman I thought to be older and now I think to be youthful.I don’t see myself, and when I sit between really young people, I think I’m still there. Not!

Sometimes I feel old.Not so very physical, but mentally. Because I think so differently than most. I would like to call myself an old soul. But maybe I’ll make myself something wise.

Am also hugely introvert, and eager to be alone.Occasionally between people are still going, but rather not. Would mainly go out to make my partner happy, because that also makes me happy or because friends ask and I can’t say no. I prefer cocoon. After a socially exhausting day I HAVE TO come back home. Then feel almost literally drained.

I like to attract nature, and find old forests to have something magical.Preferably from Al I would like to live in a secluded place with lots of greenery and do with chickens, goats, cat, dog and as much as possible yourself.

I’m 35 but so I don’t feel my body feels younger and my mind is older.

Am 72 years old, become this year 73 years.

How do I feel?

Definitely not older, mentally probably “younger”, physically with some stiffer joints that sometimes suffer if I walk a lot of stairs or walk for a long time, for my age the best OK, avoid low chairs because I can get out of it, I have My Audi TT Sport coupe from 2007 to our son gift done, he and his girlfriend are still young and supple, and have no trouble in it and crawl out, we do.

I am 31 with the knowledge of someone from MN own age.But emotionally I often feel 12, I assume this is due to “traumas” that are unprocessed. I do notice that more often I research the trauma/beliefs I leave them behind me and become a little more mature.

I am 34 at the time of writing this reply.How old I feel is very much dependent on the moment. Sometimes I feel 14, sometimes 94, and everything in between.

“,” Since my 42 I have passed into eternal LIFE in Christ Jesus, SO I live more from knowing from a relationship, but with a great feeling…… My body is now almost 73, hallelujah

“,” I’m 75, but never think about my age.I can still do the same as before, only somewhat slower and it does more very. 🙂

54-54. But sometimes I feel three teenagers of 18.

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