How often did you feel discouraged while learning programming?

I have been programming for 25 years and still have a regular ‘ it all! ‘ moment.

Belongs to.Really.

What helps me is walking away from the problem and giving your brain a moment of rest.And then in one comes the idea.

Even sparring with a colleague developer also helps.

I felt discouraged regularly.It was purely because of my perseverance and the availability of a lot of time that I continued to go through, because I had no one who could help me. Had no money for a course.

The free road did not succeed me (tutorials and YouTube only).Then bought a book. Once read and start Coden. Then I found out that the theory was snapping and applying two whole different things. Only then did I understand those tutorials and videos (much better anyway).

When I could not find a bug with PHP, literally almost an entire weekend, I really had such a knak-Momner.I almost gave up. After a night’s sleep, it did succeed anyway.

I learned that sometimes you really have to do something else if it fails.Good resources where I eventually got help if I didn’t find my answer via web-search (StackOverflow, Stackexchange, etc, medium, digital Ocean) was to fall back on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). That is one of the first mass communication options that dates back to the years 90, but on some servers it is still lively, but sometimes it leaves an answer waiting for hours.

Server I can recommend: freenode

In the meantime, I am not often discouraged, but frustrated.Have learned a lot from Udemy’s online video courses! Often they are in the offer for 鈧?10 -15 per course and despite the price they are often very good!

Regularly.And now it’s still regular, even though I’ve been paid for it for a few years.

My experience is, that the basics of programming, regardless of the specific language, is very easy, but that really good are not always easy. Goes with me and went that with ups and downs.

It is then the art to continue.Go looking for people who can help you, to good tutorials (Pluralsight is an option, but there are many roads that lead to Rome), etc.

Good luck!

If you feel uncourageous while learning programming, you better choose a different box.

A struggle should motivate you to keep going until you have the problem issues.

Programming is one of the things I like so much that I never let myself be discouraged, even though I am worrying about a problem that I cannot find the cause of (which fortunately only occurred once in a while-fine is not something like that).

For me, the opposite is true: I let myself be encouraged by too much.Because of this I make plans for programs that I never run, or I try to solve something with programming and sometimes lose myself in programming which makes the solution wait a long time.

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