If the dimensions of your property are not the width of your toilet and your space is 10 feet wide, the width of your toilet should be approximately 12 feet. The distance from the wall in front of the toilet to the farthest point can be 18 inches, but 24 inches is better.

How do you design a bathroom layout?

You need to start by laying out the bathroom walls. Next lay the bathroom floor and add a drop liner for easy cleaning. Choose a tile or natural stone wall for the bathroom floor. Lay the tiles in a grid pattern with the bathroom walls, or choose bathroom tiles or stone for the bathroom floors.

Furthermore, how far should toilet waste pipe be from wall?

The answer is, it depends on the type of toilet you’re installing. You can usually assume a toilet’s waste pipe should be 18″ to 30″ from the wall on non-directional toilets. The average length of the new waste pipe is 24″ (2 ft) for a standard toilet and 3 ft for a low-profile toilet.

How do you measure to replace a toilet?

The key to replacing a toilet seat is to start by measuring all the parts of the toilet seat to see if you need the same measurements. The most important parts of the toilet seat are the two holes at the bottom where the tank bolts into the sub-floor. Use a tape measure to measure how far apart they are.

What is the smallest toilet size?

In general, toilet sizes for both adults and children range from about 20 to 24 inches wide and 30 to 33 inches deep, which makes a standard toilet about 2 feet wide and 3 feet deep. The largest toilet is called a “double double,” which is 36 inches wide and 36 inches deep.

What is the best toilet for a small bathroom?

If your bathroom is really small, toilet, shower and sink go in the same room, the bathroom should have a low-height toilet. A pedestal, mid-height, or full-height toilet would be more preferable options, depending on your space and comfort preference. You also have to make the bathroom floor space and shower head the same height.

How wide is the average toilet?

The average width of a toilet is 30 inches, which would be 15 inches on each side of the “shoulder” of the toilet bowl (the part that rises above the floor when you stand over the toilet). Toilets with larger diameters are usually higher off the ground, which is fine if that’s what you prefer.

Beside above, how much clearance do you need for a toilet?

If your toilet is to be located on the second or top level of a bathroom (2 ft up from the floor), your toilet should be located at least 7 inches higher than the average top level of a standard bathroom, but this depends on the height of your toilet and the overall bathroom layout.

What is a normal toilet height?

If you add 1 ¼ inch to the bowl’s height, you will have the right height for a standard toilet. Toilet height is different in different areas.

Can I replace a round toilet with an elongated toilet?

A round toilet is a toilet bowl with a standard length or diameter. To convert your toilet from a round toilet to an elongated rectangular toilet would mean that the bowl is now either 18 inches wide and 32 inches deep, or wider. It can also make the toilet smaller in the bathroom.

In this regard, do corner toilets save space?


In a large kitchen, traditional toilets are not very practical because the toilet can be put in a very inconvenient position and the toilet lid cannot be left down. Therefore, some people choose a corner location between the kitchen and the dining room instead. Corner bathrooms also save valuable space.

How do I know the rough in size of my toilet?

To find out the total area of your toilet, simply multiply the depth and width of your toilet. If you have a depth of 36″ and width of 32″, then you have a surface area of 72 = 432/2 (square feet) = 224.5 square feet or a little over 2 square feet.

What is the code for toilet clearance?

Paint the Toilet. The toilet should be painted two times a year and at least once a year the shower should be cleaned, unless your local plumbing code changes have prevented this. The first time we did bathroom paint, the job only took four hours.

How small can you make a toilet room?

The basic rule says that the size of toilet room should be around 50 square feet. It depends on the number of people who are going to use the bathroom. In an average home, this would probably be 30 square feet to accommodate two people (or 50 if you count the bathroom as “three people”).

What is a 1 piece toilet?

Also known as a one piece toilet and other names like “one hole”, “one size fits all”, “one shot” or “pneumatic bidet”, a 1-toilet is a toilet with all of the amenities for a single person. All of the functions are typically in one seat, but a complete toilet installation with all the facilities and an optional flushing system is also available.

How far can toilet be from soil pipe?

Typically, soil pipes should not be more than one meter above the ground.

How do you measure the rough in for a corner toilet?

How do I measure a rough in for a toilet? The easiest way I’ve found to measure the rough in is to use a carpenter’s chalk line. The width of a 2×4 is roughly 18 inches and fits the rough in. If it feels too awkward and bulky, use a 4×8 as a measuring stick.

What is the smallest toilet available?

You will only be able to buy an RV to RV bathroom sink, although you can always install one yourself if you dig deep enough. The sink you are looking for is a “shower” sink. You should see a sink with a shower head. If you don’t, check the RV’s manual.

What is a close coupled toilet?

How to fix a broken toilet seat? To repair a loosened seat belt that has snapped closed, follow these steps: Remove loose and unwanted hardware like screws, nuts, fasteners and bolts. Once you have removed this hardware, you should be able to easily lift the top off of the toilet.

Can a toilet and shower share the same drain?

No. You cannot share the same shower and toilet drain lines for that reason. The drain line is the channel between two rooms. It is made of a plastic or metal tube with slots or perforations in the side, which allows water to be pulled out of the two rooms.

Where should a toilet be placed in a bathroom?

The toilet should always be placed in the center of the bathroom, which means it can be placed against the corner of any wall. This also keeps toilets out of the way and prevents the wall from being used as a divider. In the long run it will look nicer if it’s a center sink.

How much space do you need between toilet and shower?

The average distance from the corner to the center of the toilet is 14 feet. The average length (the wall or floor to the wall) of a standard shower is 9 feet. These dimensions make sense if you consider the number of people who use these spaces.