How much pain does it take to get a baby?

There are many different perceptions of childbirth.Like the pasta recipes in Italy: Every mommy has her own.

I have two daughters.My first delivery happened in a hospital in France, the second one happened in the Netherlands and I then determined my own rules.

The difference was huge.

In France I was treated during the whole pregnancy as if I were sick or as if my life was in danger.I was not allowed to drive long in the car, to wear anything, to rest, and to go through many different medical examinations. The whole pregnancy was lived in fear. The childbirth itself was a disaster. I wanted to do it as naturally as possible, but in the hospital. And it turned out to be impossible. They thought I only cared for problems and didn’t pay attention to me. For 13 hours I have dealt with all hospital rules.

Every hour came a doctor/midwife and a few studentento check my vagina.

“Can the student also feel?” Yeah okay… I felt like a shop during a “Journ茅e Portes ouvertes”. Furthermore, I got no support or help, and after 13 hours I felt useless and thought I was already a bad mother: I couldn’t give birth. Something really happened: I was only 4 cm widened, but I felt that I had to push all the baby out. It was such a powerful feeling that it took me all my energy to prevent it from pushing. If I had pushed my baby would be crushed.

This was the hardest of childbirth: fight against this powerful physical need to push.(It’s also a rare syndrome, I don’t know the name anymore)

It was so tiring that I admitted and accepted the spinal jab (epidural).And the spinal jab was a complete disaster: only my right buttock was stunned. And I could hardly move any more. At that time I thought I would die there.

To make it worse, the midwife decided to do an episiotomy[1 without my permission while it was not necessary.It was not an emergency: hospitals need to save time and rooms.

But eventually my daughter was born and she was healthy.

And I thought: wow, never again.

But yes, 2 years later I was preparing to prepare my next delivery.

And I wanted to do it my own way.For 5 months I have studied how the body works. I’ve also watched a lot of videos of women who are on the spot.

I saw one that was laughing, super calm and totally blissful, (beware, explicit video) and I thought, “How can that be?”

That was so far away from my own experience in a French hospital… There had to be something that allowed them to give birth in complete peace.

I researched everything I could and came across a fantastic American blog with stories and experiences and videos of other women against: Birth without fear.


And that was an incredibly rich source of information.On the day my baby came I was willing to fight the whole world. I felt so strong, so proficient and so empowered that nothing could stop me.

I have done everything on my own and sent my partner to bed: “Go but sleep sweetheart, tomorrow you will not get 8 hours of sleep.”

The contractions were completely under control.Nobody was there with a student to watch my vagina. No devices on my belly, finger, vagina or I know what. It was only the contractions, the baby and I.

A little music and a little Rescue spray to just stay chill.

And when the time came I woke up my partner and asked him to call the Midwife.She heard me in the background and came right away. I wasn’t screaming, contrary to what you see in movies[3:

I just made low deep noises to go along with the contractions.

The midwife came and I sat down on the bed.

I opened my legs and felt like my whole body was completely open. She didn’t have to touch me either: with a glance she knew that I had already widened 10 cm.

She said: “Celine, you have to push now.

And I thought 2 things:

1/But I wanted to do another nap…

2/already?But I feel ready to fight against so much more pain! That was too easy!

And I have done it, like the smiling woman in the video, full of bliss.

I also didn’t have to push hard… After the start my belly took over and he spent my baby very slowly and quietly.

My baby was born and I felt stronger than ever.

And when I think about this childbirth, pain does not come into view at all.

Contractions are painful but reasonable to handle.You only have to have the right preparation.


[1 episiotomy-Wikipedia

[2 Birth Without Fear Book

[3 Look who’s Talking-Molly and James Part 1

I am going to do my best to answer your question without too many difficult words because my grammar is not 100%.

I am a mother of 4 children.Have a total rupture, a pregnancy poisoning involving premature infant, an emergency caesarean section and a planned Caesarean section with a spinal stick. How much pain does it do?

Well every child is different, every woman is different and so every childbirth is different, but they were all painful.At a scale of 1 to 10, sometimes it feels like a busting on your elbow (3) and sometimes like breaking your bones and sanding your back (10). But if you never feel that pain then it’s hard to live in. Liking is painful! The experience around childbirth can make the pain more intense or less. I speak from my own experience. But one thing is definitely a woman can resist this terrible pain because we do it once and choose to do it again.

I always say to pregnant women only after childbirth can you say how painful it was.And if it wasn’t painful then you can certainly take a lot of children if you have the time, resources, wisdom and strength to educate them.

How much pain does it do, well to give a short answer,
It is comparable to large kidney stones,
That’s iig my experience
Horrible, really horrible,

And in both cases the egg is relatively fast over if “it” is out once
(Muv complications of course, restoring a rupture just takes a while)

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