How much is it that children have an imaginary friend and how long does it take until this problem comes to an end in the child?

This is not a problem.Most children have an imaginary boyfriend around their age, which is because they may be alone or bored. This is more of a form of expressiveness and creativity. I have also heard that children learn through imaginary boyfriends to be able to think about how others are feeling.

Children imagine how their imaginary boyfriend is feeling.

This is important for the development of empathy. This does stop as they age. Often around the age of 12 children keep up with signs and are creatively busy. With imaginary boyfriends, it stops before.

That’s because of school.School teaches us more thinking in methods and processes. There is lack of rich and spacious thinking or fantasizing.

An imaginary boyfriend is never a problem myself.It may come because of a problem. Here you can look better when the child is older. Here I am talking about the time someone is teenager or adult. What if they still have an imaginary boyfriend?

Through neglect and poor education, people are going to invent imaginary friends to cope with their barriers.It sometimes happens that the mother says: 鈧?艗not so stupid do! You never listen! 鈧?Then the child may experience a lack of approval. Allowing him to go to others for appreciation. If the child is so neglected that he cannot even find approval from other people. Then, as a parent, he seeks approval from his pet, a god or imaginary boyfriend. Because they want to listen to him, he thinks.

It can be even more out of hand.Some people live together with a sillicone doll.

This is due to a lack of power.

If a person feels so powerless then they try to express their existences by living together with a doll or fantasy. The person tries to say that he finds dolls and fantasy more real than living people.It is a form of revenge. Kind of, look this doll is more real than that you are.I myself have been sitting in class together with this kind of people.A friend of mine was otherwise a brony (someone who loves My Little Pony). And also showed me very erotic foto s of my Little pony that I didn’t really wish to see…

However, there is nothing to worry about.

In young children, having an imaginary boyfriend is frequently occurring. I myself have had imaginary friends as a small child. Only if a teenager or adult is going to live together with sillicone dolls, or tells you that God is talking to him, there is some…

For many religians it never ceases.

Is it a problem then?

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