Half priced Pluckers Club memberships!

Pluckers Club memberships are now half-price for $10!

How many pluckers are there?

The restaurant chain has grown to more than 20 locations since it was founded in Austin in 1995.

Do pluckers points expire?

Rewards will only appear on your app when they are available to use. If a reward is expired, it will no longer be visible on the app.

Does pluckers do call ahead seating?

Just download the “Nowait” mobile app on to your phone, then you can go ahead and get your place in line from anywhere! Now you can see when your turn is coming up and show up to the restaurant right on time! Nowait is available at all of our locations.

How do I order pluckers online?

Now you can order online! Just visit https://order.pluckers.com/ and you can choose all of your favorite meals!

Does pluckers have all you can eat wings?

Pluckers Wing Bar. Every Monday is “all you can eat” wings!

Can you get pluckers to go?

Order Pluckers to-go right from the app! Pluckers Club specials, free birthday meals, and other rewards available to redeem directly from the app!

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Is pluckers dog friendly?

Plucker’s Wing Bar – Shepherd is a dog-friendly sports bar & grill offering wings, burgers & more, plus trivia & bingo nights.

Does pluckers have alcohol?

Non-Alcoholic Happy Hour! Our signature vodka drink. Made with Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

How much is pluckers wings?

Pluckers Wing Bar Menu

Boneless Wings Basket $13.92
100 Pieces Boneless Wings $193.60
50 Pieces Boneless Wings $108.90
Monster Boneless Wing Basket $19.36
Naked Boneless Wings Basket $13.95

Beside above, does pluckers have free WIFI?

Free and Shared Wi-Fi Networks – around Pluckers Wing Bar | Wifi-Free iPhone and Android App.

What does pluckers do for birthdays?

As a member you get some nice FREE Birthday offers including: ♦ FREE Birthday Dessert ON the birthdate for member and family members over 10 ♦ FREE Kids Birthday Meal (under 10) But, if you pay $20 you can join the Pluckers Club (not Lite) and get these FREE Offers: ♦ FREE Birthday Meal Every Year!

Is pluckers only in Texas?

Pluckers Wing Bar, the Austin-based restaurant chain with 22 locations across Texas and Louisiana, will open its first San Antonio-area location in 2018. The free-standing eatery will be located at Forum Pointe, a retail development along the Interstate 35 Frontage Road in Selma, just northeast of San Antonio.

Secondly, how long does a pluckers club member have to scan their receipt?

If you are scanning multiple receipts, you have 30 minutes after you scan the first receipt to scan the remainder of the receipts.

Herein, how do I join the pluckers club?

You may become a member of the Pluckers Club program by signing up via the Pluckers mobile app (“The Mobile App”). Members must be residents of the United States and at least 13 years of age.