How much Euro per month (gross) is considered a fairly high wage?

The modal income 2018 according TO the CPB is $37,000.Per Month This is gross $2,855 and net about $2,152. Everything above is, on average, seen as ‘ high ‘.

What is high also plays a bit with education level.For instance, $3500 is gross per month and high salary compared to the average. This is, however (reasonable) on the low side for an average someone with a Master in technique in pocket and several years of work experience.

What a high wage is that depends on your personal reference framework.

It is human to consider your own wages as ‘ normal ‘.And every wage that is a lot higher as high.

A possible way to compare your income with that of others is to look at income conditions for obtaining certain social benefits or premiums (renovation, study allowances, discount on gas and electricity, etc.). By definition, one cannot give such premiums to anyone.

If you qualify for such premiums you will have a rather low income.If you are clearly above it, you have a higher income than most people.

An interesting website is one like this one;

Global Rich List

A website to compare your wages with the rest of the world.And you might discover that with your income overall you are not bad at all.

That is a complex question because it depends on a lot of variables.

The other answers explain how you can compare if you earn above the modal.I explain how you can discover whether you deserve much or little compared to people with the same profession.

On our website we have a tool with which you can analyse what a high salary is:

Salaricheck — JIBSER-The best sales and selection agency in the Netherlands | Sales Recruiters

This tool proposes a number of questions that are necessary to determine what a high salary is. This goes for example:

  • Appeal
  • Place
  • Organization size
  • Age
  • Part-time/Full-time

If you have completed the salary check, the results look so:

On the left side, some professionals with a similar situation are at least, maximally and on average earning.

In addition, in an orange sphere you will be shown what you deserve. If this orange ball is in the red circle then you have a rather high salary.

On the right side there is a graph where you can see the same bandwidth on the vertical axis. The number of years worked in the function is on the horizontal axis.If your salary falls within the red circle then you have a high salary.

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