The best part is that our Kia Sorento battery products start at just $4.79.

And how much does a Kia Sorento battery cost?

The average cost of a Kia Sorento battery replacement ranges from $156-$164. Labor costs are estimated at $26-$34, while parts are priced at $130. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.

Do you also know how long does a Kia Sorento battery last? 4 to 6 years

So what type of battery does a Kia Sorento need?

Battery type: AGM. Cold Crank Amps: 800. Reserve Capacity: 160.

How much does a Kia battery cost?

The average cost to replace a Kia Forte battery is $195-$205. Labor costs are estimated at $35-$45, while parts cost $160.

How many years do car batteries last?

Under these conditions, you can probably assume that Your car battery will last about six years. On average, a car battery lasts between two and five years. If you live in the northern United States, your car battery life will be longer because you are in a cold climate.

Can I drive with a bad battery?

A dead battery The battery may not be able to be charged for some reason and therefore your ignition and accessories would only run on the energy provided by the alternator. This could lead to an overload of the alternator. Short trips are fine, but long trips (like yours) could damage the alternator.

How long does the Kia Optima battery last?

four years

How long does an Exide battery last?

1.5 years

How long should a car battery last in Australia?

about four years

How much does a battery cost for a Kia Optima?

The average cost of a Kia Optima battery replacement is between $164 and $172. Labor costs are estimated at $26-$34, while parts are priced at $138. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.

What can drain a car battery when the car is off?

The most common causes of parasitic discharge are hood lights, trunk lights, and headlight or glove box lights that does not turn off when the door is closed. Relay switches that are stuck in the “on” position can also cause a battery to discharge. Alternators with bad diodes can drain the battery.

How do you know if your car needs a new battery?

Here are seven telltale signs your car battery is dead:

  1. A slowly starting engine. Over time, the components in your battery wear out and lose performance.
  2. Dim lights and electrical problems.
  3. Check engine light is on.
  4. A bad smell .
  5. Corroded connectors.
  6. A misshapen battery case.
  7. An old battery.

What does it cost a car battery?

According to CostHelper, a typical car battery costs between $50 and $120, while premium batteries range from $90 to $200. Service providers we spoke to on Angie’s List say the average battery cost is in the $75 to $120 range. Several factors affect the cost, such as B. the battery type. About 40 types are available.

What is an AGM battery?

AGM or Absorbing Glass Mat is an advanced lead-acid battery that offers superior performance to the higher electrical requirements to meet today’s vehicles and start-stop applications. AGM batteries are extremely vibration resistant, totally sealed, leak proof and maintenance free.

How long does the Kia Niro battery last?

Real MPG tests show an average of 59.6/44 .5 /51.7 mpg city/highway/combined. Read more about our 2017 Kia Niro:

2017 Kia Niro EcoHybrid Touring
DRIVE TRAIN WARRANTY 10 years/100,000 miles (including battery)
Roadside Assistance 5 years/60,000 miles
FUEL CAPACITY 11.9 gallons + 1.56 kWh battery

How much does a battery cost for a 2011 Kia Sorento?

We currently have 2 battery products to choose from for your 2011 Kia Sorento and our stock prices range from just $129.99 all the way up to $159.99.

How much does a battery cost for a Kia Sportage?

Our car batteries for OEM and aftermarket parts range from 104 $.99 to $232.99 for the Kia Sportage.

How do I change the battery in my Kia Sorento?

  1. Getting started.
  2. Open the hood.
  3. Access the battery. Find out where the battery is.
  4. Remove the holder. Detach the bracket that secures the battery.
  5. Disconnect the cables. How to properly disconnect the cables.
  6. Clean the cables. Clean with baking soda, water and a wire brush.
  7. New battery.
  8. Secure battery.

Covers Kia warranty battery ?

The original battery has a limited warranty of 36 months/36,000 miles. During the 36 months/36,000 miles of the warranty period, a defective battery will be replaced for you free of charge. Kia covers diagnostic, installation and replacement battery costs.

What does the Kia 7 year warranty cover?

The 7 year warranty is a full manufacturer warranty. Exact conditions vary slightly between models* and some items have an inherently limited lifespan/durability and are therefore covered for less than 7 years, but as a minimum paint finishes are covered for 5 years. Audio is covered for 3 years.