How much do you find it to own a dog?

Good that you ask “find you”….!

I can say that everyone is different!Dogs are available from specialist shops, breeders, animal shelters, animal welfare, acquaintances….. Dogs are priced for free or highly priced. So it is a question of will. W I L I a dog with pedigree, so I can say everywhere this REhpintschner is eggs of the few that are called “On the Sonstück”. 10 cm lucky! Or can it be the Berhardiner-Dogge mix, of good friends, just right for the 2-room social apartment.

But surely the wiry running dog, the powerhouse with stamina, with which I walk around the block in my jogging pants from Lidl and finely ribbed white undershirt quite sporty in socks and sandals, even before I am shaved!With my 5,000,— Euro dog and real tobacco shaving water just on it. Of course, because such a dog creates contacts!

Yes, what eats such a dog?Surely only the best for the animal: organic nature wolf food “Real NAture Wilderness” full, dry food for the good Bernie, the kilo for 9.49 $. Or the delicious wet food of this company; Chicken hearts! Only 9.99 $ for 100 grams. The Sennhund is happy about his meal! If I already save on food and prefer pork in the offer at 2.99 the KILO, then at least Bello must do well.

And who gives the gifted bone from the butcher (we have a problem, where are there butchers at all these ALDI, LIDL, REWE, EDEKA with fresh meat)?No, prefer the tasty chewing bone “natural” from deer skin! With a purchase of 50 pieces at a special price of 5.00 $ the piece.

You see the food alone goes into the money.

Then there’s:

  • Dog tax depending on the municipality approx. 120,-
  • Dog baskets 70,—
  • Dog blanket 25,- and also the 2nd blanket
  • Collar or harness 15,— (or rather the good one for 90,—)
  • Leash short, leather 20,—
  • Leash long 25,—
  • Bags for faeces bags and treats 20,—
  • Deworming several times a year 80,—
  • Anti-tick tablets several times a year 80,—
  • Veterinary visits 200,— p.a.
  • Dog insurance 100,— p.a.
  • Dog brush 20,—
  • Claws cut 20,—
  • Punishment because Bello made it into the park or on the sidewalk, and you didn’t read it ?????
  • Punishment because Attilla was not on a leash, even though there is a linen obligation throughout the city?


So, there’s a lot of money coming together.

Oh, by the way, if you haven’t noticed it yet, my son (LOL) has a dog.My Son (LOL! My wife mostly, sometimes me) goes out with him every day. 3 times a day an hour at least. The time has to be, otherwise LASS ES!!!

For feeding freshly mixed with potato, rice and oatmeal. Every now and then some fruit.Attention please no advice I already know! Nevertheless, we are not HUNDKENNER and have NO AHNUNG, are also not in dog circles or care groups. The dog is not a CHILDREN’S REPLACEMENT, not a sports ALIBI, but just there.

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