Heavy truck drivers for Coca Cola earn an average of $20.70 per hour ranging from $14.72 to $26.94 an hour. The annual salary for truckers ranges from $35,158 to $73,454. Delivery drivers for Coca Cola earn an average of $18.84 an hour.

What is starting pay at Pepsi?

PepsiCo Salaries in the United States

Retail Average Salary Salary Distribution
Grocery Associate 31 salaries reported $18.06 per hour $8.40 $27.20
Sales Merchandiser 28 salaries reported $11.42 per hour $8.40 $27.20
Retail Merchandiser 9 salaries reported $12.45 per hour $8.40 $27.20

How much does Schwan’s driver make?

Average The Schwan Food Company Delivery Driver yearly pay in the United States is approximately $47,183, which is 7% above the national average.

Furthermore, is driving for Pepsi a good job?

Delivered Pepsi-Cola products to various stores. Maintained good customer satisfaction . It’s a great place to start your trucking career. The job provides you with home time and you don’t have to go over the road to earn your paycheck.

How much does a Budweiser truck driver make?

Budweiser Salaries in the United States

Driving Average Salary
Truck Driver 13 salaries reported $42,741 per year
Driver 6 salaries reported $500 per week
Delivery Driver 4 salaries reported $35,520 per year
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How much do Pepsi route drivers make?

The average PepsiCo salary ranges from approximately $39,574 per year for Route Driver to $57,622 per year for Transport Driver. Average PepsiCo hourly pay ranges from approximately $17.72 per hour for Tractor Trailer Driver to $23.99 per hour for Transport Driver.

Does Coca Cola have good benefits?

Coca Cola has extensive healthcare coverage including dental and vision. You can also get other perks like FSA, HSA, short-term and long-term disability insurance, and Business Travel and Accident Insurance. Employees also get support through the company’s Employee Assistance Program.

How much do beer distributor drivers make?

The average Beverage Distributor salary ranges from approximately $30,000 per year for Account Representative to $50,172 per year for Account Manager. Average Beverage Distributor hourly pay ranges from approximately $11.19 per hour for Data Entry Clerk to $15.32 per hour for Delivery Driver.

Does PepsiCo pay overtime?

Yes they do pay overtime after40 hours! It was considered what we call “Chinese” overtime.

Moreover, how much does a delivery driver for Coca Cola make?

According to payscale.com, the average Coca Cola delivery driver earns: $32,149-$83,306 per year. $15.21-$25.25 an hour.

Does Pepsi pay for your CDL?

Get Paid to EARN your CDL ($700 Weekly training pay)

Pepsi MidAmerica is currently looking to expand our business so that we can continue to build relationships that have defined our company for the past 78 years.

Also, how much do liquor delivery drivers make?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that about 14,300 heavy truck drivers worked in the alcohol wholesale industry as of 2011, earning an average annual income of $41,560 and about $20 per hour. This is slightly more than the average of $39,830 per year and $19.15 per hour earned across all industries.

What is the top pay for a UPS driver?

Full-time City Driver

More UPS Driving salaries Average Salary
Delivery Driver 893 salaries reported $19.04 per hour
Truck Driver 71 salaries reported $15.98 per hour
Driver’s Mate 45 salaries reported $11.12 per hour
Route Driver 8 salaries reported $50,561 per year
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Do you have to have a CDL to drive for Coca Cola?

Commercial Driver’s License Required- Valid Class B CDL for straight trucks, Class A CDL for combination trucks preferred. 1+ years of commercial driving experience preferred.

How often do Coca Cola employees get paid?

3 answers. We get paid weekly. Three fifteen minute breaks and a thirty minute lunch. There are 4 12 hour shifts and the days rotate on a weekly basis.

How much does Coca Cola pay hourly?

The Coca-Cola Company pays its employees an average of $17.81 an hour. Hourly pay at The Coca-Cola Company ranges from an average of $12.52 to $29.10 an hour.

Is Coca Cola a good company to work for?

The Coca-Cola Company offers great careers with growth opportunities, exceptional benefits and the opportunity to be part of the world’s most recognized brands. The test-and-learn method has seen great success with Coca-Cola brands around the world.

How much does Pepsi pay an hour?

Average Hourly Rate for Pepsi Bottling Group Employees

Pepsi Bottling Group pays its employees an average of $17.69 an hour. Hourly pay at Pepsi Bottling Group ranges from an average of $12.39 to $25.03 an hour.

How much does a Coke vendor make?

Average The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) Loader/Unloader yearly pay in the United States is approximately $35,000, which is 46% above the national average. Salary information comes from 9 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

How much does a Pepsi route cost?

The average truck route costs about $150,000, says Mr. Sussman, but prices vary widely. A Pepsi route in Queens netting $1,600 a week just hit the market for $439,000, he says. An Utz snack route netting $1,300 a week is available for $124,000.

Is delivering beer hard?

Delivering beverages is a lot of hard work, unless you back up to a door, wheel off a couple of pallets, and head out to your next stop. You normally have to check in the product, stock and rotate the products, help with merchandising, and deal with grouchy store managers and owners.