Hillstone Restaurant Group Salaries in the United States

Popular Jobs Average Salary Salary Distribution
Server 32 salaries reported $8.96 per hour $7.25 $200
Greeter 38 salaries reported $17.99 per hour $7.25 $37.95
Bartender 21 salaries reported $10.99 per hour $7.25 $200

Does hillstone do takeout?

If you are using a screen reader and encounter difficulty using this website, please call (800) 230-9787 or contact our individual restaurants directly for assistance. NYC – Park Avenue South.

Mon – Fri 11:30am – 11pm
Sat 12pm – 11pm
Sun 12pm – 10pm

Why is Houston so popular?

The Tex-Mex

In a state known for stellar Tex-Mex, Houston definitely earns its keep. The Tex-Mex culture is so ubiquitous, in fact, that it is not surprising to see it pop up in unexpected places — like Vietnamese/Tex-Mex fusion restaurants or Korean/Tex-Mex taco trucks.

Is Bricktops a chain?

BrickTop’s is a Nashville-based chain with six locations (and counting); all except St. BrickTop’s might not conjure up a specific place, but you can pin down its spot on the restaurant-trend timeline somewhere between 1999 and 2003.

When did Houston’s restaurant open?


Similarly, who owns Hillstone restaurants?

George Biel

Does Houston have a nickname?

Houston currently has one official nickname, “Space City”, signifying the city’s global importance to space exploration and historical role as a prominent center of activity by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Also another example, H-Town.

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Is J Alexander’s a chain?

J. Alexander’s Corporation is a Nashville, Tennessee-based chain of 27 full-service, casual dining restaurants (as of December 28, 2003), located in a dozen states but mostly in Ohio, Tennessee, and Florida. The chain offers contemporary American cuisine, with an emphasis on high-quality products made from scratch.

Then, how much do servers make at Houston’s Restaurant?

Average Houston’s Restaurant hourly pay ranges from approximately $14.90 per hour for Bartender to $17.32 per hour for Line Cook. The average Houston’s Restaurant daily wage ranges from approximately $194 per day for Greeter to $232 per day for Server.

Also, is Hillstone Restaurant Group a public company? Houston’s Restaurant is an upscale American casual dining restaurant chain, owned by Hillstone Restaurant Group, whose main corporate headquarters is in Beverly Hills, California. Houston’s Restaurant.

Type Wholly owned subsidiary
Parent Hillstone Restaurant Group
Website www.hillstone.com

Why did Houston’s close in Houston?

A reason for the closure was not given. However, a statement sent to CultureMap said: “Circumstances beyond our reasonable control prevented us from operating to our standards at Houston’s on Westheimer.

Who started Houston’s Restaurant?

George Biel

How many Houston restaurants are there?

10,000 restaurants

Does Houston’s restaurant have a dress code?

ON OUR DRESS CODE: To enhance the experience of all our guests we ask that you respect our dress code. We suggest collared shirts for gentlemen. We consider tank tops, overly provocative clothing, boldly logoed athletic attire, and flip-flops too informal for the dining experience we plan to provide.

Does Houston’s restaurant have happy hour?

From David Leftwich of Houston Food Finder:

Their happy hour (Monday through Friday, 3-6 p.m.) not only features one of the city’s best margaritas for only $6, but it also has some of the tastiest tacos.

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Is J Alexander’s owned by Houstons?

J. Alexander’s was acquired by Fidelity National Financial in 2012. As of 2019, J. Alexanders has 46 restaurants in 16 different states.

Is New York City bigger than Houston?

Adjusted for cost of living, salaries are higher in Houston than in New York. New York is horribly crowded with a poulation density of 26,403 people per square mile. Houston is much more comfortable at 3,371 people per square mile.

How old do you have to be to work at Houston’s?

Houston’s Employment and Salary Options

Job seekers typically must stand at least 18 years of age to apply for openings with Houston’s. Applicants for bar-related jobs must stand 21 years of age or older.

What is Houston famous for?

Since “Houston” was the first spoken word from the moon, the city of Houston has become known for its space and science contributions, and is the home to NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Rated as a global city, Houston has a variety of industries housed in the 4th largest city in the nation (according to 2010 Census).

Is Houston bigger than London?

Yup, Houston by itself is roughly the same size as the entire island of Oahu. This is all especially relevant right now, as a city like Houston increasingly grows to the point where it’s competing on its own terms with cities like London and New York, in terms of size and urbanization.

Who owns BrickTop’s Restaurant?

BrickTop’s is a Westend Restaurant, owned by Tom Brunnberg and Joe Ledbetter, one of the original owners of the first Houston’s in Nashville, Tenn.