How many seasons should a show have to be considered successful?

A short duration is geässociated with that the transmitter cancels the program.Then the series is usually not a success, but this is often not the case when a series stops; Sometimes it just ends.

I myself am not so for centuries going through series with continuity.Then you either get endless uncanny episodes that aren’t hitting anywhere, like in How I Met your Mother from season 3 through 8 which could just have been one or two seasons, or there are all sorts of side roads and new characters, notions and Created situations that merely revolve around the core of the story from the beginning.

My favorite series, Frasier, was a sitcom with barely continuity and got 11 seasons.It just consisted of 264 stories that you could play every moment and why you laughed, Gierde and roared. The few continuity that was there makes for an impressive feeling as you go back to the beginning from the last episode and consider how much has finally happened.

But it concerns series with a lot of continuity, the majority nowadays, I find; The shorter the better.In the worst case, the story has already ended, but one somehow makes another season.

I mean, what will happen now when La Casa De Papel comes back?

That series has just ended in my opinion.

Maybe it was nice to give one of the characters a spinoff, or make a sequel in a few years, far the new adventures of the characters, but at this time it seems to me only a big mistake that we have this perfectly rounded and buried saga again me Dig up toe to milk it out.

I will take another sere as an example of what happens when the story is over but the writers want to continue.

Best Friends Whenever is a sitcom I’ve binge-watchd on Daiymotion two years ago after I read about it on the Internet.

The humor is mediocre and it was originally aired on the kids-targeted Disney Channel, but if the jokes had been slightly better, if you had just refurbished this program and aired it on a primetime transmitter or streaming service like Netflix had this Program serious potential to be the best sitcom of the years 2010. And if you can endure the bad jokes, it is definitely recommended to binquilted the first season.

The series was a perfect integration of a classic multi-camera sitcom, so with the typical decors and laughter bands (and some jokes were indeed good), with a continuous, strong and absurd storyline, so very binded.

Best Friends Whenever was about two 15-year-old girls who were given the opportunity to travel with their minds through time, as long as they touched each other.That means, when they touch each other and one of the two thinks at a certain time or moment, they both come in there, in the body that they have at that time when it falls within their life course. In this way they accidentally come to the end of the pilot that they are tied up somewhere in the future in a laboratory and tests are done on them, presumably because they have become time travellers. So they have to figure out who or what threatens them and how they can prevent this future.

In any case, a good story for the first season.At the end of Season 1, that story just ended. Solved, ready. And nevertheless went through the writers. They came up with a whole new story for Season 2, which was unzinng and useless, and then the series was also discontinued by the transmitter. The creators had kept the honor to their selves, and after finishing the original storyline, they had put an end to it. And the creators of La Casa De Papel had done that as well. I keep my heart fixed for the new episodes this summer.

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