How many languages do you speak and how have you been able to benefit in life by speaking another language?

I speak Dutch, French, German and English, (and a little bit of Spanish, Italian and Sranang).It saves tremendously if you can express yourself in other languages and can understand what others are saying–I was “formerly” Call center employee and IT Helpdesk Assistant–I had applied for a job in France-and because I happened to be the only one who also Actually traveled to France for the job interview (and I didn’t speak French at the time) the company had no choice to take me… Purely because I spoke Dutch… (And also for a higher amount than the other employees because I had bet high)…. I ended up having my first wife (and my son), and if you look at my second wife actually too, thanks to my language skills-because I was offered specific jobs-in the end I bought my house from the merits as Translator, the work I have been working as a freelancer over the last 18 years…

In addition to Dutch German English and French, which is very useful on holiday, I also speak quite a few Spanish and Swedish.I think the most benefit of this is that you can also easily read, learn and understand all the other languages from that language group. Swedish eg. is almost as readable on paper as Danish and Norwegian. Spanish and French are a great way to help you read Italian. And a Noor or Deen, my Swedish is also fine.

Spanish, English, Dutch and I am working on Arabic.I have had little to do with it, but that will be fixed.

Now that I have rarely come to Europe, I have forgotten German, French and Italian.Now I only speak Dutch, English, Indonesian and Thai. I also often come to Vietnam, so if I had spoken to Vietnamese, I could have benefited from that too. But that language is really way too difficult.

Speaking a language you have to do regularly.I can write good Dutch and English. (I can read Dutch faster than my mother tongue.) But I speak to them little and I notice this in verbal communication. Reading German, French and Spanish texts is also going but I almost never speak these languages.

5 languages, Dutch, German, English, French and Spanish.

Life in general is a lot easier if you speak other languages as well.With English and Spanish, for example, you can get out of the feet and make yourself understood in the majority of this planet. Everyone comes into touch with words from another language in his daily life, if only the tablet user manual that you have just purchased via the Internet in the China.

I share my life with a woman and children who speak a different mother tongue than me. That would have been particularly difficult without proper communication in this other language.Also living in another country would have brought the necessary problems without mastering the language.

Benefit?Being able to live in other cultures, other countries, communicating with others people makes life a lot more enjoyable and richer. I can enjoy business, learn things, which would otherwise have escaped me. The world is so much bigger and more beautiful if you also master other languages.

Five: Dutch, English, French, German, Chinese.

I think it is nice to communicate with people on a personal level, but frankly I found it quite disappointing that you do not have to go far in the business field.

I spoke good French especially after my study in Poitiers, and good business English.Unfortunately peanut butter, you have studied Dutch (tax) Law so you do not come across the border. And if I do a master in French or English or American tax law? No, that will not help you either because you have to speak the language as a native. And even though you do that, if they see on your resume that the language is taught, you immediately find 1 -0 behind the other candidates.

Especially in the legal sector, it is the English lawyers who are allowed to go to Beijing, Singapore or Moscow, because all international agreements are governed by English law.And although you would qualify as a Dutch lawyer for the English legal profession, because you are not a native speaker, you do not come between. You can join a little from Amsterdam but it doesn’t help you cross the border. It is like pornography: nice and nice but it is a poor substitute.

An internationally targeted country like Luxembourg is the only exception, and then there are a few more.But the main rule is, unfortunately, that languages are not a career booster.

Five: Dutch, English, German, Italian and French.By learning Italian in practice I can in any case do reasonably decent shopping, order a cup of coffee or something of the star, ask the way (though that with a smartphone is almost no longer necessary)

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