How long will it take to English the Dutch language in Amsterdam?

An old schoolfriend of mine once married a French-speaking resident of Montreal.She told me she was completely bilingual English-French but she was happy that she could talk to me French. “You know” she said, “Once I was very proud that I could speak English fluently. Until I was replaced as a secretary by someone who only spoke English. This was considered superior in my French-speaking hometown. “

If the Dutch think they can win this battle by speaking good English, they keep themselves mad.If you don’t want to become a second-class citizen, you’ll need to provide language warfare.

Also here on Quora, because Dutch is being mangled here.

It is already so far.And not only in Amsterdam, also in Utrecht. You’ll notice it in shops and in the hospitality industry.

This weekend during the Quora meetup we had agreed in Utrecht.Friday’s was called the restaurant. You will be addressed by staff in English and if you reply in Dutch because you think they are for a tourist, they do not mean you and watch them angry because you do not talk back in English-because one does not speak Dutch.

And really not that this is coincidentally though, it is an oil slick that expands.It’s a totally confusing situation actually.

This does not happen with Dutch.And that’s because Dutch has a strong foundation. Not only is it for almost 25 million people the mother tongue, which 25 million people also belong to the most powerful part of the world population.

This means that it will continue to pay to make books, films and other cultural expressions in the Dutch language, and to make translations if necessary.The Dutch and Belgians have a lot of money, are an interesting market so Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Google will gladly make Dutch version of their stuff for this market.

Dutch is always much influenced by other languages, and that will continue to be the same for the time being.That will have an effect on how our language evolves. But as long as the language evolves into the needs of the users, it is apparently still alive and kicking.

Own choice, I would say.

If an expat has to choose between the Netherlands and another EU country, its companions will undoubtedly call the language as an advantage.That you can live here for 10 years and never need Dutch. And even more, if you do learn, the natives will see you for an asylum seeker or migrant.

I’ve been given more frequent advice from recruiters to keep sollcitation conversations in English.You will automatically make a better impression. I now do HR and payroll and no recruitment, but if I have to advise someone from my circle of friends, I do that too. That they can put Dutch on RESUME as an extra plus, but use English as a language. You come a lot further along. Even if you speak Dutch at home with your partner and children.

The beauty of the future is that it is absolutely unpredictable. Trends can suddenly stop and other trends may occur.Now, in the 10 ‘s there is an English-speaking, but it can easily be reversed again. Due to a crisis, foreign students and expats can stay away, the population can become more language conscious and, equal to the Flemings earlier, demands to be addressed in Dutch (“no Flemish, no Pennies“).Also, other foreign languages could become more dominant as it was previously French.

Hahaha that’s already flown over.You certainly don’t come from Amsterdam?

All business entities located in Amsterdam are almost 60% under the management of an English holding company or American not to mention, Japanese and Chinese, so English has become a requirement within the business markets but also outside.Amsterdam has many expats and if you are eating out these days, you will be addressed in English in most of the catering establishments and that grows more and more by the day.

‘, ‘ And I don’t know English.That is my right. After Brexit, English is not an official EU language anymore incidentally I thought (it is still spoken, but is not an official EU national language more so far as I know, at most a working language) and if a product manual should also be in Dutch here, then you can get that from E and sales advice and product information nevertheless also expect me. It is Dutch, dialect or Italian. The operation has a problem. Well yeah so solved though, I’ll go a door. At least it will have to be spoken in Dutch (or Italian). Just stand up letting the stuff stand. I had clearly said that I am allergic to it or whatever. Late but prepared there is no food and no payment. Find it very annoying for the operation, blame the management. In the long term, such customer experiences really do seem to

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