How long will humanity last? And if it goes down, what will it fail?

This can be roughly calculated on the basis of climate change.

After we have to cut down the lungs of the earth (the rainforest) every day, pollute the seas, widen the ozone hole, let the species population rapidly go down the stream and fear nuclear wars and supergaus, probably not for long.

There are also a number of theories that could wipe out the Earth from one day to the next.

That would be a supernove near the Earth, a meteorite impact, or explosions in the sun that are so strong that they penetrate the magnetic field and shut down all electrical devices worldwide (as early as the 19th century).

The most interesting aspect, in my view, is AI or Artificial Intelligence.

I believe that machines can free us from the greatest evil in the short term if they cleanse the seas, prevent wars between people, etc. But then at some point the moment will come when they can take power, because they have gained the trust of the greatness of the people. Sounds absurd? How was it again with the Internet? “Stupid.” “How is this supposed to work?” These and many other statements were made at that time. Today it is an integral part of our lives and Amazon is now even planning to set up a Wifi connection in the deepest boy!

How far the AI has already progressed can be found in the following video:

Sophia – The World’s First Humanoid Robot Live on Stage – ADMA Global Forum 2018

Don’t forget the movie I Robot.

Experts predict that machines will shape our lives in 30 years! In China, for example, you work with Alipay, and can even send money to beggars on the street via QR code! Credit cards are yesterday’s snow and some people just remember cash.

At the moment, the future of the planet is in the hands of large corporations such as Facebook (think the Dsvgo!), Amazon, Google and Co. Their decisions determine how to live, and even politics cannot exert pressure on them because they already have too much power.

Yes, this course will be even more exciting and I hope for all of us that it will go well!

The majority of people (97%) after all, the 3% can say what to do. This cannot remain the case in the long run (think of all the refugee scenarios and revolutions in Africa)!

In this sense, we are simply doing everything in our power to protect this planet.

“We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but borrowed it from our descendants.”

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