The Devil’s Highway, also known as El Camino Del Diablo or the Devil’s Ride, is a popular north-south trade route through the Santa Ana mountains, which lies between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It started as a crude path known as El Camino Real, built by Spanish pioneers in the late 17th century.

Who is Yuma 14?

Yuma 14 (real name: Yuma) is the first character of the Yuma family. She is the mother of Ransack and Gizmo and the wife of the king. Yuma 14 is very intelligent and educated. She also loves animals.

Where is Route 666 az?

Route 666 runs across the state of Arizona. There is no town or city named Route 666, but the route passes through the Arizona state capital city of Phoenix, where the number is also the designation for the Phoenix International Airport.

Where is Devil’s Highway in Arizona?

Devil’s Highway (sometimes known as Devil’s Backbone or Devil’s Highway) is a high, dry, isolated and sandy mountain road that is a popular destination for travelers in the United States and Canada.

Who wrote Devil’s Highway?

Arthur Conan Doyle

Is there a Hwy 666?

There is no highway # 666. It’s a number for California.

Accordingly, how many pages is the Devil’s Highway?

The Devil’s Highway is over 1700 pages long.

Also to know, when was the Devil’s Highway published?

The Devil’s Highway was first published by E. W Evans, originally published April 30th 1926 in Chicago, Illinois. The book went through many revisions and eventually a revised edition was published in 1948.