How long can Maduro still stand in Venezuela?

Every dictator has only one purpose, and that is holding his power.He also has no options. His entire career was based on power and now he has no plan B. It is death or the gladiolus. It will certainly be an example for him. It remained against all expectations.

Also, remember how good such people are in self-deserving that they are really the best thing the country could befall.Believe that he has a totally different view of the political situation. In his reasoning, it will be a counter-revolutionary opposition group, which intends to demolish its splendid left-wing regime with American support.

The question is rather what happens when Maduro falls over!Think of how it went into Iraq and Lybie after the dictators were cast out of their throne there. These countries have continued to struggle with an internal struggle between the various groups since then.

In Venezuela This can also happen if Maduro disappears.Partly because then the Americans could get more grip on the oil production in that country and the profits of it go to the US instead of to the population. America has an economic interest in an unstable Venezuela and is currently providing sanctions for Venezuela to receive virtually no income from their oil yields while the country is heavily dependent on this. The decline in the price of oil does not do them very well, and the US is themselves screwing up their oil production to keep the price low so that Venezuela continues to retain poverty.

It eventually began with Hugo Ch谩vez who was labeled an arch-enemy FOR the US because of his social, communist views.And Ch谩vez was hugely popular among the population until the economic crisis. But because of the oil production, the country was less concerned with agriculture and livestock farming and had to import food to feed the 30 million inhabitants. The decline in oil prices and economic sanctions by the US and Europe therefore caused problems.

The problem of Venezuela is not so much the government but the reduced oil yields and the fact that one relies on food imports.And that crisis again results in an increase in corruption, which is causing the country to fall into a downward spiral.

Something will have to change, but the problems are not solved when Maduro disappears.Juan Guaid贸 should take over, but he actually only puts opposition to Maduro and does not seem to have a real plan to get Venezuela out of the current crisis.In addition, it is the question to what extent Guaid贸 is influenced by foreign powers. The support from America is welcome, but how much oil does America get in return, if Guaid贸 comes to power soon?

Because the country has a huge amount of corruption at the moment and there is no guarantee that Guaid贸 is not corrupt. And the problem lies with the presidential elections of 2018 which was won by Maduro with 67%.An election where Guaid贸 was not a candidate but he now claims to be the new President. That’s not a pure coffee… Even his political party is a small party compared to the rest. As if the SP in the Netherlands suddenly claimed to be the new Government of the Netherlands because Rutte does not do its job. Yes, Rutte is not a good choice but you cannot just claim that you are selling it and replacing it with a group that virtually nobody has chosen for…

Henri Falc贸n would be a better choice, as Falc贸n was at the 2nd place at the last elections.Falc贸n also demanded immediate new elections when it turned out that he had lost. But that is partly due to the opposition parties because they called for a massive boycott of the elections instead of jointly supporting 1 candidate. As a result, the number of votes was low and Maduro could win. And in retrospect so realize that the call for a boycott was not very clever…

So what if Venezuela is going to hold new elections?Well, Maduro gets a large number of votes again and will still remain in power. Maybe he will not be higher than 50% but he and his party are still very popular. It does not matter how much corruption helps him, because if the opposition does not constitute unity, nothing changes.

So the only option is a coup d’茅tat but most of the military are wise enough not to let their country go under a civil war.

So Maduro must continue to stand to prevent a civil war.And also to prevent the country from falling into smaller parts with each and every part of its own president who will then continue to fight among themselves as is currently happening in various other countries. This is not a crisis that solves you by removing Maduro.

Eventually he will have to leave to give more freedom to the people.However, that must be a choice of the people themselves. If the population massively decides to boycott and ignore politics then they just get what they chose…

At present, as we already know, the Venezuelan population is on a political, social and economic point in a sensitive situation.At the moment there are two people who say they are president of Venezuela. One is Mr. Nicolas Maduro and the other is the President of the Venezuelan Parliament Mr. Juan Guiado,

It is a special situation which is much confusion at the moment.Many countries mainly from the Eu and US support Mr. Guaido as the president. Mr. Maduro is supported by Russia, Turkey and China. These countries are known to have a left-wing political vision.

By all this Mr. Maduro also has support from his own soldiers who have high salaries and who have leiidng on those eneige small industrione who are still there in Venezuela.Now Venezuela imports almost 70% of its gasoline from US.

US has given an ultimatum to Mr. Maduro to allow foreign assistance to come in.This help will come from the border of COlombia and Curacao according to the US. This aid will be the result of a crisis in the country of shortage of medicines and basic foodstuffs.

If Maduro always has the support of the militia, it will be difficult to get him out of power.There are some soldiers who have given their support to Guaido.

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