How is/was your relationship with your father?

Ambivalent.On the one hand I was fond of him and he on me. I think no one had so much of me ever (except my son but he is still young so that can still go on all sides). On the other hand, I could never have experienced the feeling of deconditional acceptance from my father. He was very ambitious and performance-oriented and always expected of me. I therefore felt strongly that he was disappointed in me.

What was also very ironic, that in certain things he was mistaken.He was sometimes very narrow-minded and judgesome, but I was therefore triggered and wanted to keep looking at his satisfaction.

When my son was diagnosed with autism, he said death nice: Yes logically that was immediately clear to me that your husband did not trace so what do you expect from his DNA.When I was busy with long and gruesome trajectory concerning child psychiatric research, he said that was not necessary. Just giving more attention to the child would have been enough according to him, but yes, “your guy is never there and you are too busy with everything”. And he was Nota bene Scientiae Doctor Biology.I KNOW that what he said was incompetent but yet it came hard and actually I still sit with it, even 5 years after his death.

Anyway I miss him though.

鈧?娄 sorry, with whom?

You mean that man who let my mother down because she was pregnant, and so, apart from a photograph, I never saw?

Well, nonexistent.

Or do you mean that man with whom my mother married when I was three years old (and so presumably struck on everyone who my mother of mine 鈧?虄afpikte ), and who was not so good at all to deal with small children if he had imagined , which has made me very acidic for years?

Let’s say 鈧?艙that band had better gekund 鈧?Some less physical and psychological violence, and some less inappropriate touches, would have helped a lot.

Well I love me mom and dad

My band with m N Dad is not really what I would call optimal.

I do not really have a good relationship with him, according to my mother I have already isolated myself from childhood.The only thing I had as a child was m n Hot Wheels (toy auto s) and preferably no one in m N neighborhood, I believe that this has to do with my education because if it is good the 1st to 4th years are crucial for developing the Personality of the child. At the age of 5, m N Mother of me is divorced so I and my brother always went to him at the weekend. My brother has a still aggressive personality which confliced with that of my father so that soon no longer came. Furthermore, I am more and partly bribed by often buying games with him for the PlayStation 2 and that I was there I got a daily little money to buy some snacks at the shop. Contact was not certain I was always sitting in my room when I was at home and was allowed to eat there even my dinner which was usually just simple microwave/oven food, not exactly good for my health. Although I did not have a good relationship with my father I was very fond of the village I lived in Pilsen with my sizes (Nouja vodka for me, Pils is not to drink haha) and many better than a city so I did have a nice childhood there. But the relationship with my father was materialistic and did not really have a parenting, and according to my mother he lied a lot to me as a child.

But I forgive him it could have been many times worse and deep inside I know he has learned from it.

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