How is the ‘ most beautiful girl of your class ‘ going to go?

The most beautiful girl of my class was,

In my opinion,

Also the most beautiful girl in the school.

She not only distinguished herself with her beauty.

This girl was certainly also one of the better pupils in the classroom,

And for the less popular boys and girls in the classroom she was, and she always stayed very nice.

I went from school fairly smoothly and lost sight of her,

But fell from astonishment almost from my chair when I received a friend request from scratch three years ago.

I also watch television and was expecting a trail of misery when I accepted her proposal and visited her personal page.

Of course you don’t expose everything to yourself,

But there was nothing,

But nothing at all,

That hinted at a failed modeling career,

Wrong boyfriends,

or other decisions that had unsuccessfully extracted.

After high school she started a COLLEGE degree,

This has been completed quickly and has started working as a physiotherapist and haptonomist.

She apparently had success, because she soon started her own practice.

After the study she is also quickly married to her boyfriend,

A boy she has already learned in high school,

and has had two children.

‘ The most beautiful girl in the classroom ‘ is the right thing to do, and this is exactly what she deserved.I can only be happy for her.

I suspect that she is not active on Quora,

But should that happen,

Then I hope she reads this.

Like with many other beautiful girls.She went on vacation to Dubai and never came back. Married to a wealthy “local”.

“In Spain There are many beautiful girls, but nobody is as beautiful as you.”
She beaming when she read the text message.

I laughed sheepishly with it.

She asked if I had also received nice messages from guys.I lied that I got a love letter on Valentine’s Day.

People said she looked like Beyonc茅.She also appeared on Beyonc茅. She was fixed as Beyonc茅. No, she just became the new Beyonc茅. That was fixed. She could dance very well. She would be famous because she also danced in video clips.

I was happily happy that she knew my name.That I was allowed to sit next to her. And that I was invited to her annual Summer Party.

Soon we would go shopping and give me a makeover.

I wanted me to be her.

“Hey Stacey, that’s long ago.”
I recognized her voice.Not her appearance.

She was thick.She almost popped out of her dress. “But under the fat lying muscles,”she said.
She began a vague story about body figures, fat and muscle building.

Actually, I had not asked her about her weight.

Her hair was dead-shated.But she would let it paint blonder tomorrow. “My hair is incredibly strong and healthy.”

I had not asked anything about her hair.

I asked what they did nowadays.Something with unfinished training and vague jobs she replied incoherent. But she had to turn off again. I understood it.

Secretly I stared at her. She walked less gracefully on her heels than I remembered.It even seemed like she had pain.

She had not become a Beyonc茅.She had not become famous.

She had just squat too early.

Sarah is her name.She sat with me in the lower. The most beautiful and smartest and of course the most popular girl in the classroom.

I was years in love with Kevin.The most beautiful and the most sporty guy from my class.

Kevin did not stand me.Why would he also be someone in your classroom like Sarah?

At one point it was so far: Sarah and Kevin formed a couple.Every time I saw them together on the playground, my heart broke. Why couldn’t I be Sarah and get some more attention from Kevin?

My heartbreak stopped (luckily) when I had to move in the last year lower, in the middle of the year, suddenly.By not seeing Kevin anymore, my heartbreak is gradually being eroded away.

Just got Sarah googled and the little information I see is a picture of a handsome woman who graduated from the Faculty of Pedagogical Sciences in Ghent.Still handsome and clever so and probably equally successful in the men.

Very good, I married it;-) (She was not in my class but still almost)

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