How is it to be pregnant? What special moments do you take during a pregnancy?

I loved being pregnant.The childbirth somewhat less hahaha:)

The first pregnancy was not so much fun, that was completely unplanned and also undesirable in the circumstances of that moment.Unfortunately, this has ended with an abortion. I really wanted to be very happy children, but not at that time under those circumstances (a lot of uncertainty, psychic unstable, relationship unstable etc).

The second and third pregnancy were very planned and very desirable.I have found the pregnancies really great. The most beautiful? When they start to move. Oh well that’s such a wonderful feeling. A little creature, in you, of you and your beloved, that lives and grows there, great.

The most enjoyable?My eldest had very often the hiccups hihihihi. That’s really the most crazy feeling ever hahahaha. Indescribable.

There are also disadvantages.Are highly pregnant in a heat wave, for example. Pelvic floor instability was certainly not fun either. And yes, that childbirth is also really not very nice. But all in all very worthwhile though. Because, despite all that, I do not want to stop me from getting pregnant again haha:)

If pregnancy is wanted and planned; Then the moment you get the confirmation of pregnancy epic.A sense of Dieppe joy and disbelief.

In the unplanned pregnancy; Come first to fear, then the concern and then disbelief until you realize that a life grows in you and you are touched by a deep sense of love and joy.

How is it to be pregnant?

I think this is something very personal and every one experiences it differently.My personal feeling when I was pregnant;

As if my body was taken over by a supernatural force that I could not understand.The fact that a human being is developing/growing in my belly. This feeling was phenomenal until my belly became so big that my feet disappeared underneath. The moments when I literally felt a foot against my rib cage and during an important conversation got the feeling that someone was playing football with my bladder… I felt like I was exported from the inside.

Then came the feeling of fear when I had to think of childbirth.How has my belly in God’s name become so great? And how do I get this child out of my body? Every night dreams of the most strange scenarios until the day of childbirth. After that your body is broken but somehow you have the power to feed your newborn child to your breast.

What happiness may be pregnant and what a privilege to become a mother.

The beautiful scars on my body are proof that pregnancy has changed my life forever.

I myself have no idea happy, since I have never wanted children and therefore have taken the necessary steps to never be pregnant (sterilization, the irreversible variant).

However, I know that it can range from euphoric to very miserable, depending on the individual.There are women who are almost all the time sick and can not keep inside and so there seems to be a carts freight to other physical complaints that I don’t know so much about. There are also those who feel blissful, as if they were on the drugs.

If the latter is the case, it may be that a woman is addicted to being pregnant.In the past, a family lived near us where that was the case. There were already eleven children and that woman kept going. It did not do well with all those children, but that man had to and would be constantly pregnant and so was she. No idea to what extent she ultimately contributed to the overcrowding as that family had apparently moved one day.

I am a man.Have never been pregnant. For that chore I have a woman.

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