How is it to be poor in a wealthy country?

This question gives me an uncomfortable feeling and some answers altogether.Chris Koenders writes:

Poverty is not something that is fun to experience but it teaches you to know the value of passion for life.

He has just forgotten the lessons of Maslov who learn that people only start to think of the meaning of life when they have their belly and the belly of their children full.

On Jaap Koole:

You have in any case pieces more freedom than being rich in a poor country.

Freedom is comparatively when you have no money to explore your boundaries,

Poverty is living in a two-room flat, no money to be able to buy good care products for your baby and to send your eldest with an empty stomach to school.Hope that the food bank still has something to offer. Buy clothes for your child in the charity shop that you know is being bullied in school and are already disgusting when buying, because you have to convince your child why the old clothes are beautiful.

Poverty does not have money to buy a laptop for your child to come in high school to turn every dime, save the food from your own mouth for your children and not have a penny to send your child to a sports club.

I have seen families living in poverty situations, harrowing cases which I never expected to be possible in the Netherlands.Poverty is not having enough money to live and just have too much money to have to die.

Yes that is fierce.You must see to come around in a society with a high price level. In Asia you come around for a dollar a day, you can forget it here.


Not so much for myself, but for Mn daughter I like it very much.

I can easily live in a room and have it just fine to my liking.

But I don’t want my daughter to grow up.

I want them to be able to see the world, and to enjoy good education.

Luckily, the poverty is not clear to her until now.Because her aunt always sends her new nice clothes. And some of those things that make them not experiencing any direct poverty. But I feel that busy though. And the fear. We Live in America, and here you don’t have much to fall back on if you don’t have anything.

I am now in combat with my ex, trying to try to swipe my money that sits in our house.This depends a lot on our future. Without that money we fall into real poverty. I have been told by several people that I have to accept what he offered me now the money I have in our house. More than a ton less than that is actually mine. But I don’t accept that. This will be very unpleasant I suspect. Remain thumbs.

How it is now to be poor in a rich country I do not know.

I grew up poor, but in the years 70 there was crisis and alarm in the whole of Belgium, so so much difference was not between poor and slightly less poor people.Because of my poor childhood, I recognize people on the street who do not have it as well as some others. Currently I’m not “rich”, but I can buy most of what I want when I just feel like it.

What strikes me with some poorer people:

  • Apparently they think that Fast Food is cheaper than fresh food (which is not so).
  • Expensive branded clothing apparently gives poorer people a better feeling
  • An expensive car is important, even though one has to take 2 jobs and save on food!

I can only say: being poor in a country like Belgium or the Netherlands is rather a choice or a lack of knowledge.There are so many associations that can help and support you, but of course you have to accept that the company considers you as ‘ poor ‘… and that is probably still a major obstacle for many people.One would rather be richer than one is, then dare admit that it really does not…

It seems to be in which rich country one is poor. In The Netherlands one has to be very retarded without useful social contacts to always fall out of the boat.In the US the situation is much grimmer if one is poor there. There money more: each for himself and God for all of us.

Poverty is relative to the itence of the person and of the country where it is born and raised. Being poor in Africa or in the poorest countries does not mean vodsel, clothing and homeless.In a poor European country poverty is uncertainty for the future and less resources and goods. Being poor in rich countries means no luxury, uninvited goods to make fun. Poverty is what the capitalist production systems continually produce. By robotisation, globalisation, people become unemployed and who do not possess a high degree in poverty. Poverty in Belgium or the Netherlands have allowance or minimum protection, use of public transport and eat unhealthy, no holiday e expensive clothes. A poor of Nord Europe is rich preservation in poor countries of Africa or India. Having the social security that you are unemployed can still have replacement income makes people feel quiet and safe that even unemployed still have a home, eat and go to school. Most rich countries have spiritual poverty, families and families who do not give a space and love. What is the real poverty now? Love or goods? I am rich when I am healthy, good family, someone who loves me as I am and is healthy and thankful for everything to be God the creator. The most beautiful rich domen are the good children who are thankful for love and not for a car or materialism that the parents possess. Life makes us wise in all the experiences we experience to learn the real truth. Being rich is love for the neighbors, thanking parents if they have nourished us well. If we are born rich then we need to learn the human feelings of love and help. Whoever is poor has previously learned the solidarity between the same group because whoever has tested the pain of poverty has compassion for other arms as well. The rich of rich countries have the solidarity, gentiness and love learning. A lot of money gives tremendous power to feel egoism. Altruistic action and forgiving is a difficult objective for those who have always thought for themselves and live for more profit. Poverty of values is the worst poverty because it destroys the family where people grow. Without love children become monsters and so evil is spreading in our society.

It is always a matter of perception because an amazing number of wealthy people are deeply unhappy by their perception of a lack of emotional stability, trustworthy friendship and fulfillment.

In a developed country, such as America and India where the contrast is large between rich and poor, the perception of the personal situation is decisive.I’ve met homeless people who never think of suicide while an amazing number of celebrities and other empires commit suicide or contend with drink and drug overdose.

You have in any case pieces more freedom than being rich in a poor country.Then you live between the walls of surveillance and security.

Let me turn the question around.Imagine you are rich and you live in a poor country how will that feel?

Poverty is not something that is fun to experience but it teaches you to know the value of passion for life.Poverty shows you what powers you have in this life to survive. Someone who is rich buys in many cases his development in other people, someone who lives in poverty buys nothing but learns respect and appreciation and also realizes much better than a wealthy person that nothing but nothing in life is self-evident and that every D AG is proven to be able to push your personal boundaries.

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