How is it that we as Dutchmen are so very long?

Besides the well-known reasons about selection of tall men, more things are playing a role.Selection alone does not explain why the Netherlands is so exceptional.

The Netherlands has few income differences, which makes good nutrition possible for many families.Just look at adopted children from overseas who are often longer than their siblings and parents who grew up in the country of origin.

The Dutch also take many dairy products in their diet.Calcium is needed for bones and length growth.

The Netherlands was late with industrialization and is rapidly transitioned to a tertiary sector.The consequence of this is that more men have worked in the outdoors for a long time in farms. In particular, UV light plays a role in vitamin D which is necessary for length growth in combination with calcium. There is little UV light within factories.

Nowadays, you’ll still see this coming back to rural areas within the Netherlands.Dutch men are the longest in the world, but Frisian men are the longest among the Dutch men.

Norway also has longer women than Dutch women, and that is because of the same reasons mentioned above.When Norwegian men used to fish at sea, Norwegian women often stayed at home and the farm was a household.

It is not only a question of selection, but also shared prosperity and healthy lifestyles.

First of all, the difference is marginal with other countries where good and protein-rich food is generally available and reasonably inexpensive.

I even believe that we have recently been expelled from the first place.

It must lie to the combination of natural selection (a little bit) and good nutrition.

This leads me to the fact that people from Indonesia, the Moluccas, Morocco, China and Japan and South America, who were immediately attacked in the Netherlands fifty years ago by their relatively small stature, have a very nice difference in two to three generations Bridged.

My friend likes to look at a program that is called 鈧?虄Spoorloos or something.After twenty, thirty years, adopted children return to their birth family and without exception they are at least five centimeters larger than their siblings and often many more. This can only be explained by better conditions, health care, exercise, nutrition.

This is a fairly recent phenomenon.In the late nineteenth century the Dutch were not particularly long.

Scientific research has been done on this.It turns out that tall men had more children than smaller men. Small men were more likely to remain unmarried.

Here s Why the Dutch Are So Tall

From a piece of the famous Smithsonian Institute Here s Why the Dutch Are So Tall

This could be evolution in action, the study s authors suggest.

Martin Enserink explains for Science: Combined with evidence that taller men tend to have higher incomes, better health and higher ratings from potential sex partners, the new study seems to confirm that sexual selection is alive and well within the Dutch population.

This piece in the Mail online Why women have gained gained five inches in a century claims that longer people earn $1.500 more than shorter people.

Evolution in practice: Long people deserve more, are therefore more wanted as a partner to have children, so people who can reproduce themselves have been selected on their body length….

And of course, better nutrition is also cited very often.

Natural selection.Long men are more likely to get women to transfer their DNA.

Let’s keep it on:

  1. Good living conditions
  2. Coincidence and genetic lore
  3. Epi-Genetics: the fact that our country is below sea level and we are forced to look over dikes?

(as a funny note, combination with 2) 150 years ago the Dutch belonged to the smallest in average length.How she grew so suddenly and became the longest people.

Food and prosperity has a bit to do with this.

But the main reason turns out to be that between 1935 鈧?”1967 the quantity of large humans got disproportionately more children than the people with average length in the Netherlands.

This abolished a quantity of great people who produced other great people again.

How could this be I have a theory about it.Possible because prosperity and individual rights and independence took place faster, so people selected themselves with whom they were married in the Netherlands. Unlike other countries, an uthuwelisation or traditional selection of a partner based on status and income was a factor that genetically more sporadically brought large at large to breed large.

Now this independent selection also happens in other countries you see younger generations that are a lot larger than two generations back.

Sexual selection.

But not based on the length directly.But men who are longer are more socially conditioned that they can have confidence. Because they have more self-confidence and show they attract women rather. We (and also women) are then inclined to think that it comes through its length (whether its money, or big dick etc.) But it is purely indirect because the property in question gives confidence.

Please note: I am not saying that women do not like length, not money and not a large member.But as the tip of the hole (or;)) comes behavior is many times more important for attraction and horse rank.

The Netherlands is perhaps high in the list of countries with the longest men, but at number one is still Lithuania!

Perhaps that is also the reason why this country has basketball as a national sport.

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