How is it that people can generally write so badly? Prove me the contrary.

The digital age has come, one is going to type more than writing (like on a blog, or Quora) and if one is going to type more on the Internet, their hands are better in typing than writing.If one writes not/less, the handwriting goes backwards.

But, if one does the trouble, it can unpack very nicely.I myself have been told several times that my handwriting looked beautiful and mature (I am 14) and someone from my class also writes very nicely. But not without difficulty. I still struggle with my ‘ n ‘ not to show it too childly.

Since you have “proof me the contrary.”, I will do that too.It can be of all things, but I don’t know that, because I’m not knowing you and I don’t know your environment. It could be that you’ve just had silly misfortune and ended up in an area where one doesn’t write so nicely by hand. Or that you have such a bad view that everything will indeed look bad .Or it’s something you don’t like.

Or do you not mean the handwriting at all, but the word choice?It’s a matter of writing, practicing and repeating (something you hear almost everywhere, but yes). I’ve already written a lot, good and bad, digital and on paper, but it comes down to something like word choice and audience.

If you have a target group that consists of potentially many elderly people, generally civilized Dutch is often the best, but as a youngster against the younger, street language may well be.Elderly people often think of words like ‘ pattas ‘ (no idea how you write it) and ‘ Doekoe ‘, ‘ Jemig, what badly written! ‘ while a youngster can find it very normal and words like ‘ knurft ‘ and ‘ schavuit ‘ but boring and (so) too, Poorly written.


Forget it!First, tell me why you think people can write so badly.

We crossed our research for a while, and stand still… what is it, what we are doing?… (I) am the one who writes, and 鈧?”jij 鈧? the one who reads: Why?Is there anything more than just breaking the boredom, a 鈧?虄rede not to just sit at the edge of my bed, force my own hand, to even hurt to write this: Is this then all that a man can be naturally? Is this really the secret behind the fine arts: a man who forces?…
Or, hair-eyes, looking, never asking, never giving: 鈧?”just, a look?…
No man should give herself to a woman, not yet, for practicing the fine arts; What does a Spitfire now understand from a soft-look: 鈧?”how important her judgement is (?!)
Anger!It nourished me; Would be more than good for me: she whispers, expounds all her secrets, and rubs her salty fingers through my wonden… and her 鈧?艙justices so sounds: 鈧?虄uniformity…
Why?She has never looked at me; Anyway not this way.. Why? This stain I call my life… 鈧?虄Bonne-Guerre : and the search goes on… 鈧?”her gaze, friends: want to see nothing more than my death, my Recarnation, that I am born back…

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