How is a blood test result report calculated that the range of values is normal?

5% at the bottom and 5% at the top go off.The 90% in the middle is considered normal. This is determined by laboratory, which means that it is a statistical data of a limited size. With all the misery it entails. If in a country the sun shines little, maybe half of it has a vitamin D deficiency. Far too few people are told that they are deficient based on the values of 90% of the population.

If the population of the lab goes a lot on winter holidays or not those values are quite different.For vitamin D, the values are therefore adjusted. But still they are not very high. Furthermore, some values are wrongly considered too high, which is absurd. For vitamins, in certain cases, they may be too high, but not always at all, so you really have to look for a sensible margin per value on the Internet. Unfortunately, not every lab mentions their units of measurement, which is particularly irritating.

The doctor generally looks at what the lab indicates as abnormal.Sometimes the manager of the lab, the clinical chemist, has something to do with it. My GP did not read those additional remarks. In short, my expensive lab surveys weren’t worth anything. Once again, you will not be carried out certain inquiries that have been requested. The lab examinations are at your own risk, so you pay them yourself. And that’s expensive. 200 Euros you just lost.

With most doctors, the assistant tells you that your blood test is 鈧?虄well . That means that someone with an MBO training tells you what the lab has identified as corresponding to 90% of the population.Completely pointless if you are not dead and dead ill, but chronically not in order, for a long time. To chronic ailments, most patients are chronically ill, so nothing is done, because GP’s do not all know and let MAA4 do a meaningless lab examination again. And that while you can read a lot with a bit of knowledge. A little extra vitamin D every day, in emulsion, can do much good in many people. But then you need to know what a low level of Vit D is (doctors think 50 is spacious enough, but rather it is at least 75, forgive me for not remembering the unit of measurement). And it’s also useful to know what a toxic upper limit is. It is only for a specific Vit D type, but it is not measured.

This way you can continue for a while for a whole zipper of other values.If something is found that is anomalous, that is often taken away, while you find out with some search traffic on the internet itself that it is the evidence for ern chronic condition, which explains all your complaints of the past decade. Coincidentally, this is a disease where 80% suffers, without doctors ever doing anything about it,

But when it comes to cancer, there is a lot of overtreatment, which is expensive, harms, and you chase the convulce while you still have long no complaints.I do not understand anything more about Western medicine, or it must be that it is in the throes of a very nasty group of great verdieners. Prevent cancer, you will hear very little about this. For that you should have more understanding of food and vitamins, and many doctors don’t have it at all.

A pity that in the meantime, care costs more and more money and does not make us healthier.

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