How important is it to have an antivirus protection on your PC?

That you can still online means that you have one…

If you mean antivirus programs: totally not important.

From experience I can say that antivirus programs themselves are the biggest viruses.They make a computer slow, making the computer significantly more time needed to boot, the computer needs three times as much time to open a file, computer games and high quality movies give blink images and as soon as I get a program Have compiled, my antivirus program even stops me from running my own written program because of “low reputation”.

Apart from the major disadvantages of antivirus programs, it is still very questionable whether those antivirus programs are able to defuse other viruses.When Malwarebytes had Anti-Malware on my computer, it found new viruses with each scan, while this program constantly turned into the background. Malwarebytes was able to detect and remove viruses, but Malwarebytes could not prevent those viruses from coming to my computer. Solution: Very often run scans…

Avast!Antivirus did prevent me from getting viruses, BUT, at a high price: Avast! Antivirus greatly deillness my user experience. With every game of Davilex that I wanted to play, Avast! Antivirus me against because of “low reputation” or “suspicious activity”, after which I had to add an exception. For each program I had written in C++ and compiled, I have to add an exception to Avast! Antivirus. Opening files always took some time, but I accepted that because I was behind an older computer. Logically so that not everything goes as fast as on a hyper modern SSD. Later I found out that this also came from Avast! Antivirus, and that my “old” computer can open files in one second.

Avira was already quite a hell.My computer here was so slow of it, that it was just unusable. Even sound files could not play anymore; Then the sound was suddenly very low (in terms of tone). Even the mouse could not move without the mouse to flash it.

Removing antivirus programs will always be incredibly difficult for you as a user.Antivirus programs nestle so deeply in your system, that they almost hostage your computer. You won’t come from it (unless you format the drive), so you’re stuck with it.

I had to boot my computer completely in safe mode to Avast!Antivirus and Avira to be able to remove it.

If you are accustomed to having an antivirus program on your computer, but you throw it away (or you install Windows again), you will be amazed at how quickly everything is working.I have also experienced that lighting moment. I have never installed an antivirus program since then and have uninstalled all antivirus programs from other computers that were still on it.

Windows XP started up at lightning speed (without SSD!), programs and files opened in a second and I could suddenly do everything (playing games, programming) without being harassed by an antivirus program.The games themselves also suddenly turned with more figurines per second.

And all for a Fujitsu Siemens Scenic E600 i865G with Intel Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz, 1 GB of working memory (at the time; 2 GB), 40 GB hard drive and a 64 MB integrated video card.

I also type this answer from the same Fujitsu Siemens computer that Windows XP Professional runs on, with no antivirus program!This is fine to do. The downside is that more and more Webb drawer Raars end the support for Windows XP, but Quora is still accessible to me.

My advice is therefore also: stay away from antivirus programs.Save the misery, frustrations and other problems that come around the corner if you have an antivirus program on your computer and the hell you need to get through when you want it to be.

The best protection against viruses, comes from yourself.Get programs only from the official web site (not from Softonic or other dubious pages), visit only trusted Web pages, and use an ad blocker. Recognize phishing scams and always check the Web address if you log in somewhere.

If you are using an unsupported version of Windows, you can even-as the ultimate protection-put a Linux distribution on your computer that is installed next to Windows.Use the Linux distribution for the internet and Windows for anything. I’ve done that for a while with Puppy Linux.

If you are using a Linux distribution, antivirus programs are even more strongly recommended, as there are relatively few viruses written for Linux.Phone scammers who call you from India or Pakistan to say that your computer is infected will immediately hang up when you say you are using a Linux distribution. They know that Linux users generally know too much of computers to manipulate.

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