How important is it for man to laze around? Idleness

Moments or periods of inactivity are needed to get new powers up and restore.Not only physically, but also mentally and on a deeper spiritual level.

What is sleep other than a necessary and accepted period of regeneration, physical, but also spiritual.In our dreams, we process-unconsciously and unsent-the emotions we have gained In the day.

As you observe the life histories of great thinkers, inventors, and leaders, you often find that they have done their most fundamental insights, discoveries and analyses in periods of apparent inactivity.Evidently it helps to free your mind from the worries and problems of everyday life to give the spark of inspiration a chance.

“Der Mensch spielt nur, wo there in Fuller Bedeutung des Worts Mensch ist, und er ist nur da ganz Mensch, wo there spielt.” said Friedrich Schiller.

Of course, the lives of lesser gods are not documented in the same way, but there is no reason to believe that it works differently for us.

Does that now mean that laziness, inertia and playing computer games indicate genius?Or even clear insights and a more complete human being? Well no, unfortunately not. The proofs you see all around you.

Man is the only ‘ animal ‘ that, in the place of occasional lazing, is constantly behaving as hunted wild.

What do predators do when they are not hunting?Nothing. Do a nap and soak up the sun.

What do bats do when they are not on insect hunting?Upside down dozing.

According to my unassuming opinion, we need three weeks of holiday to relax.

Week 1: You’re still thinking of working.You will be busy when the bakery in the south has three people in your turn. You ask again and again what will we do today?

Week 2: You adjust to the local use.You keep a siesta. You’ll wander around the market unnecessarily for a long time, just to enjoy the colours and scents. You forget that there are supermarkets. Blessed! Long live lounging.

Week 3: Unfortunately flat cheese.You start to get annoyed with the traffic jams that you will have to brave. To the accounts you will find at home. To the boss with his rothumeur… Oh, don’t look in your mailbox yet.

I think that lazing, doing absolutely nothing is very important. But very weird, we feel (and certainly women) often guilty under.Especially in the Netherlands.

We are growing in the Netherlands and I think in a very high-performance society in large parts of Europe.And everything revolves around goal setting and fetching.

I think Dar is taking a break from being healthy. I recently wrote an article about the usefulness of ‘ staring out of the window ‘ and also doing nothing at all.It empties your head and creates space for new insights and thoughts.

Just like that you’re solving a puzzle.If you’re too long-tailed you don’t see it anymore, take a break and focus on something else you often find that one piece of Wat Mistte.

It is my belief that just doing nothing can give a reduction in your stress level.-Provided you don’t feel too much guilt about doing nothing.

Many mental coaches and lifestyle advisors encourage people to do nothing more often, because it works detoxing, for body and mind.

For me personally, nothing works as a catalyst.I get new energy, new ideas and a creative flow that helps me solve problems and write articles.

Here in northern Europe, there is a feeling of guilt when lazing around.Holiday you must have earned, and after work done it is well resting. The latter is a biological data and that is what Italians find. For the rest, they think differently.

Dolce far niente, Blessed Nietsdoen, see them as a form of life art that is also allowed, so not only after work.They reassure their work for a drink at the bar and slap Oudewhores with a good friend and whether that lasts half an hour or an hour and a half does not matter, because time spent enjoying is never wasted time.

In The Italian culture is a little later come, some longer pausing or some sooner leave perfectly accepted.Not here and that makes a lot of difference. Here people often think in unwadable moral and performance standards.

Also in Italy there is a lot of appreciation for beautiful performance and immaculate blakissing.But the position of that appreciation is much more relativer; Other things that some Dutchmen find worthless, they find valuable.

Lazing is not necessary, but after a period of work there must also be a period of rest, to “recharge”, both physical but especially at this time spiritually.This does not have to be lazy, can also be something else, something fun.

Always running, busy busy, rushing and but by must is not good for you. You burn your candle on two sides at the same time, so the end of the fuse is reached too quickly, after which you collapse.

Then you suddenly have to sit over at home, so you won’t feel any better.

Occasionally doing nothing, nothing must, quietly to do and enjoy can not be bad for us and is thus just as important as all that rushed, gating and fright.

There is a beautiful English poem by W. H. Davies called “Leisure” whose first rules are: What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.

Probably I don’t have to translate that.

Listening, and doing nothing are two very different things.Though they may seem like something on each other, listening is actively going to listen to the words of the person opposite you. The words weigh, ask about the how or why sincerely find the intent of the other.

Then if it is a discussion try to repeat the person’s position and even strengthen it.If the person agrees with the way you have worded it or even finds it better

“I have never been able to word it!”

Then you can quietly, in conversation, have it on the subject.But so you can see well that listening, no way to do anything.

Delicious nonetheless.Enjoy it. Preferably with nice company

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