How important is empathy?

This can be very important, but also completely insignificant.

If you want to help someone, it’s definitely important.

For example, if you work at the child’s phone or a body that wants to help people with psychological problems.

However, if you want to get them out of a burning car, you also want to help them, but then it is unimportant again and can even make sure that you can not provide help.

Empathy, the ability to live in someone else’s situation is indispensable for the survival of the species.Only because we felt we had to take care of those little ones we made it to in the 21st century.

Let us hope that we will have enough empathy to get to the 30th century as well.


The great thing about evolution is that you can find answers there that you might not expect.

Evolution is the passing of properties and mutations in which successful mutations (can be in any area) eventually form the majority.Also very small mutations have that effect.

We as human beings live but beep short.And humanity is also very short. 5 million years ago there was no man to confess, and our species is not much longer than 150 thousand. Flashend short periods of time. Evolution has been going on for 3.5 billion years and in front of that immense long time our thinking and reasoning ability is not really up to it. 30 years ago we found 鈧?虄primetime鈩?not to mention 2000 years ago, the time of the scripture of Jews and Christians or the almost unproposing number 10,000 years ago when people settled down and there a layered society Arose. All peanuts in terms of time. Those people of 2000 or even 10,000 years ago were practically the same as we are today.

Thinking from a human perspective does not work.To apply evolution anyway I use a simple game rule:

If we, or any other species, had not had property xxx, we had long been extinct.For XXX, you can call any property, run from upright, create and use tools, work together to devise smart things, and above all: capture those clever things so that others that are not so clever can use it.

Exactly this also plays at empathy.Without empathy, we had not been there for a long time. Without empathy we had been loners, no chance. Almost every other animal is much stronger/faster/More Agile -you name it -than we do. A chimp, much smaller than us, is certainly 4 times as strong as we do. He jumps you and jerks you the arms of your body. And you can hardly defend you, he is much faster than us. Empathy must have been a trait of mammals and certainly primates for a long time. Cohesion between the individuals of small itinerating groups must have been strong and empathy, among other properties, is an excellent binder.

Empathy is certainly not an exclusive human trait, elephants, monkeys, actually most mammals, possess some degree of empathy.Only because we are physically not able to cope with our environment is cooperation, to pay attention to each other and certainly also to be caring is essential.

So I would say extremely important.But not exclusive, can stand, walk, talk, look, poepen 鈧?娄 all very important


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